Level 1 Akashic Records Illuminated: How To Read In Your Soul's Database

 Deepen Your Intuition, Meditative Mind, and Relation to Soul

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The Akashic Records Illuminated Program seeks to help you remember the truth of who you truly are and help you live your most authentic life. It features a unique course design that taps the power of vibration (through mantra and music), ritual, and Kundalini Yoga, a tradition rich in resources known for helping cultivate deep intuition and a meditative mind.

This 3-part approach is the key to helping you work confidently in the records and develop a deeper connection to your soul.

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In Level I, you will learn foundational skills of how to access the Akashic Records for yourself, and practice using this spiritual resource to deepen your connection and relationship to soul. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set the space to open your records
  • Center yourself through simple rituals
  • Understand the value of, and begin practicing deep listening
  • Develop—or deepen—a meditation practice. (No prior experience necessary.)
  • Identify your primary method of receiving information in (and outside) of the records
  • Open your records
  • Begin to develop and trust your intuitive abilities

The Course Includes:

  • 25-page guidebook to keep you on track with lesson objectives, inspirational quotes and more
  • 25 videos--totaling 4 hours--of instruction and experience-based content available for you to watch anytime, anywhere
  • 8 beautifully designed reference cards with tips, affirmations and summaries to help you remember prayers, accessing rituals, and more
  • Curated playlists to boost your vibes and support your learning and integration
  • BONUS: Unlimited access to DD's Radiant Self-Care Facebook group with over 100 videos of meditations, yoga classes, and dharma talks

Level 1 helps lay the foundation for Level 2, which will help you learn how to open the records for others, understand energetic blocks better, and hone your trust of self. Level 3 helps you learn to tap into this spiritual resource of deep growth and personal transformation, heal ancestral patterns, and much more.

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Watch: How to Support Your Soul's Evolution with DD & Tahverlee

Tahverlee and DD Haeg discuss how opening your Akashic Records will facilitate your spiritual journey in this introduction to the Akashic Records Level 1 course, a free 52-minute video.


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DD Haeg

DD Haeg is a soul reader, pleasure embodiment coach, and international retreat leader dedicated to helping people find their way back to Truth. She has given over 250 Akashic Records (soul) readings, taken over 1000 hours of pleasure courses and trainings, and taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for nearly a decade.

She’s dedicated her life to helping people who struggle with some of the biggest soul blockers of all — fear, stress, and overwhelm — find more freedom and pleasure in their life. She believes we’re all meant to live soulful, sensual, sovereign lives.

DD loves giving readings and mentoring clients in her 1:1 practice and is also the creative goddess behind several online courses, including the Pleasure Code™, and the Akashic Records Illuminated, an online training and certification program that teaches people how to connect to soul for deep healing, growth, and love.

A single mom of two, her current obsessions include ordering books from Amazon on Mary Magdalene, drinking London Fogs, and creating epic Spotify dance playlists.