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Discover Your Archetypes: The Counsel of Your Soul

Your stories were written before you were born. You wrote them, seeking the greatest experience you could possibly live, and then, on purpose, you forgot them.

Wouldn't it be nice to know the stories you wrote?

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Discover the 12 core archetypes that represent you - the way you create, the way you make love, the way you view the world, the way you come to your soul. These are patterns and stories you are already living - and as you bring them into your awareness, you discover the pitfalls to overcome and the greatest brilliance you can achieve. You learn more deeply about the parts of you, and how those parts guide you into your greatest potential and beautiful self.

Once you discover these stories, you'll learn how to use them to get answers to ANY question. We start with your core birth chart - what are the lessons these archetypes are here to teach in your lifetime? From there, you learn how they can be your advisers whenever you feel stuck. Think of them as your own personal Major Arcana, your guides, your constant companions. And all they want to do is show you the way.

The Magic is ready to be ignited ~ Start now ~ Your transformation awaits

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