Full Cold Moon Forecast

astrology forecast Dec 15, 2021

Full Moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

Image by Duncan Andison

The Cold Moon appears on December 19 at 11:37 pm. It’s called the Cold Moon as it heralds the approach of winter–the bare trees, the visibility of stars, and the long nights. At the time of the Full Moon, energy associated with the moon cycle reaches it height, Sun is in Sagittarius, creating optimism and enthusiasm. Moon is in Gemini, an air sign ruling short journeys, communication, and social interaction. (Think of holiday cards, speaking with loved ones, and the excitement of the season.)

The beautiful alignment with Galactic Center, the center of love and light, continues throughout December and early January. Alignment with Galactic Center occurs by thinking of our inner light and love—and the grace of the Universe, which is always available if we chose to tap into it.

Moon (emotion) trines Jupiter (good fortune, expansion). The aspect with Moon/Jupiter increases enthusiasm, energy, and optimism about life. With both planets in air, it lifts our mentality to a higher point, encompassing generosity and humanitarian feelings. It expands kindness, perception, and creativity.

Sun (life) and Moon (emotions) square Neptune (mysticism, illusion). The square can act as a distraction from practical tasks and take our consciousness into a dreamy, illusory point of view. We may feel optimistic when we should feel practical—or mentally float in happy space. Aspects with Neptune heighten sensitivity and creativity as well amplifying the beauty of life.

Mercury (communications, higher mind) is placed in Capricorn, an earth sign that encourages pragmatic thinking, planning, and the practical aspects of the outer world. Mercury trines Uranus (quantum field, sudden change). A trine is a harmonious and beautiful aspect, which can connect the higher mind and the Divine. Insights may come through flashes of intuition, aiding in understanding how to align our spiritual nature in the physical world. We may catch glimpses of our purpose—or a deeper understanding of energy.

Venus (love, relationships, abundance) is in Capricorn, an earth sign, which relates to the cold of winter, the peaks of mountains, and ambition. It’s not the best placement for Venus, who loves beautiful, soft energy, but we can discover a great deal about the self by looking inward and examining how we seek love as it is often based on beliefs from the past that are no longer relevant. We can open to universal love and learn how to love ourselves more fully. Venus conjuncts (close to) Pluto (subconscious, transformation), which intensifies passion and the emotions associated with love. (Opening to love is not the same as seeking it.)

Mars (energy, action) moved into Sagittarius, a fire sign. This placement is physically energizing—and may encourage more activity than we can easily handle. It also increases enthusiasm, optimism, and the development of our spiritual nature. It brings an openness to change. Mars squares Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) heightens impulsiveness and assertiveness, which can place excessive interest in the self and desires. It’s important to think of others in a compassionate way before running in the direction of the next desire and goal.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is in Aquarius until December 28 when it moves into Pisces, where is exalted. Jupiter in Pisces can heighten compassion, openness, and receptivity to the universe. It tells us to go deep and invite greater perception of universal energies. It’s also said to act as a blessing, expanding the hopes and dreams that are hidden within the heart.

The Saturn/Uranus square is exact on December 24. Saturn (limitation, karma) in Aquarius, the sign of the collective and group energies, squares Uranus (New Age, sudden change) in Taurus. Saturn represents slow movement, the past, and limitation; Uranus represents rapid movement, quantum change, originality, and the New Age. In this instance, Saturn seems to limit the collective with fear and polarity through COVID and the polarity in politics and disagreement over opinion. (Some astrologers think it relates to electronics, privacy, and other matters.) Uranus in Taurus speaks of earth changes and planetary evolution. With the past two squares, lower energies heightened in the collective along with disagreements over thoughts and politics.

It’s important to know we can vibrate above the energy of the square by focusing on our inner world, our personal light, and seeing/sensing solutions that are not normally perceived. We have the capacity to create a new, better existence by sending positive thoughts and images to the higher collective; power is found in light, and we need to implement it.



  • Galactic Center beams light to our consciousness. Sun in Sagittarius gives optimism and energy for our spiritual quest. Moon (emotions) trine Jupiter expands generosity, hopefulness, and intuitive perception.
  • Aspects with the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (communications) lead to realizations through the higher mind. Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius invokes clear thought and understanding as air signs rule the mind. Mercury trine Uranus opens the mind to intuition, quantum leaps associated with spiritual growth, and higher intelligence.
  • Venus (love, relationships) moves retrograde on December 19, which allows a time period to re-examine our feelings and beliefs about love. It’s an opportunity to perceive how we block and limit love—and how to open to greater personal and universal love.
  • Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) will move into Pisces, a water sign, embracing humanitarian issues, mysticism, and the universal sea of love. It’s also said to act a blessing, aiding with the realization of our deep dreams and desires.
  • The Saturn/Uranus square is exact on December 24. It’s our task to focus on the power of the cosmos, vibrate above the discordant energy, and energize our personal dream of how a higher life should look and feel.


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