New Moon, New Year

astrology forecast Dec 30, 2021

New moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

When the night sky grows dark, and the horizon is punctuated by bare trees, the New Moon appears on Sunday, January 2. The New Moon marks the end of the last lunar cycle and opens the door to the next. It is the time of void and an odd stillness when we can go within to plan or intuit the next cycle.

With five planets in earth, we may experience a “heavy”, dense feeling, which will subside a day or two after the New Moon. At the beginning of a New Year, this chart far exceeds last year’s chart with potentially positive energy.

Sun and Moon are on Capricorn 13, “A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence”, according to Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols. The symbol encourages exploration of the underlying truth of reality and the necessity to exist in the physical world. Fire often symbolizes the heart, passion, and magic. It points to finding answers within the heart and the inner self.

Sun and Moon are placed in Capricorn, symbolized by a goat that climbs to heights on cold mountains. Saturn rules Capricorn, placing our awareness on earthly limits and the passage of time. The chart encourages commitment to progress on the physical path, placing our attention on truth, time, and success with intentions and work in the outer world.

Sun (life, light) and Moon (emotions) trine Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), which emphasizes the creative, higher mind. Uranus is a higher form of air (the mind) in alchemy; it can move instantly from one place to another, altering the fabric of material life. Sun trine Uranus heightens our intuitive ability to contact the Universal Mind through hunches, gestalt understanding, and new/original methods of seeing life.

Moon trine Uranus increases emotional empathy and intuitive perception. It expands our ability to express and act on our feelings in practical aspects of life. The two aspects offer insights into the expression of higher thoughts and feelings in daily, personal, and outer life.

Mercury (thought, mind) in Aquarius speeds the mind, acting in an electrical sense to make connections on the humanitarian and collective level. Air signs sharpen and focus thought. Mercury conjuncts (close to) Venus (love, relationships, beauty), and it aids with reception and expression of love. It opens our heart to communication. Mercury conjuncts Pluto (underworld, transformation), giving insight to deeper aspects of the psyche. We may suddenly understand the cause for feelings and actions on a deeper level—and find solutions such as the ability to change and transform.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn tends to bring old wounds and patterns as associated with relationships to the surface. It’s wise to re-examine our expectations and contributions to relationships. Venus sextiles Neptune (mysticism, illusion), increasing sensitivity, intuition, and openness to cosmic messages. Venus conjunct Pluto (subconscious, transformation) intensifies the need and desire for love. However, it’s easy to confuse our needs with the exchange of love, and it’s important to discern.

Like Mercury and Venus, the aspects with Mars send more than one message. Mars, the planet of assertiveness, desire, and energy, is placed in Sagittarius, a fire sign, which increases our energy level, action and the intent to pursue our passion. The overall energy is eager, optimistic, and focused on the quest. It asks us to stay open to new thoughts, ideas, and philosophies.

Mars sextiles Saturn (time, karma, limitation), giving the power to pursue and progress with long term projects. It heightens ambition. On the opposite, Mars squares Neptune (illusion, mysticism), which may block our ability to perceive the right course of action. It lowers our level of energy and can bring confusion about finding the right steps for practical pursuit of our path. However, the confusion can be channeled into creativity and self-expression.

Jupiter in Pisces is exalted. Jupiter rules expansion, good fortune, and growth, and Pisces is a water sign, representing the play of emotions in dual directions—and the sea of unconditional love. When we experience unconditional love, we feel bliss and higher emotions. We also feel the emotions and thoughts of other. Jupiter in Pisces can lead to greater understanding of emotional, intuitive connection, increased optimism, and higher connections, particularly if we pursue the energy so it’s applicable and practical in daily life.

Saturn (limitation, karma) and Uranus (change, quantum field) affect both the old and new worlds. Saturn teaches the understanding of how to use (and repeat or recall) the positive experiences of the past and how to learn from past experiences and recycle the energy. Uranus is the new world, the new age, and the changes that can occur when we approach the quantum field. As we recycle the old, we step into the next version of the self. (The process is occurring within us and the world.)

Neptune (illusion, idealism, mysticism) in Pisces sextiles Pluto (underworld, transformation) in Capricorn. It increases the desire to open and understand devotion, the use of the imagination, and the power of exploration a deeper understanding of spiritual mysteries. The sextile encourages the alignment of consciousness to the world of metaphysics, manifestation, and pursuit of dreams.

Overall, the chart asks for attention to all aspects of physical life, which include spirituality, mentality, emotion, and physicality. It asks for observation of how we live our lives, pursue our goals in the physical realm, and exploration of the best method to move forward and increase results.

The higher mind is emphasized through aspects with Mercury (mind, communications) and Uranus (sudden, change, quantum field.) Sun (life) trine Uranus opens the mind to higher intuitive understanding, and Moon (emotion) trine Uranus encourages emotional opening to practical, inspired answers. Mercury (mind) in Aquarius moves quickly and brilliantly.

Everything that we want such as love and/or the right direction in life is temporarily confusing as though the channel broadcasts static. We are challenged by retrograde Venus (love, partnerships) in Capricorn and asked to examine subconscious patterns. We have a strong desire for love but don’t necessarily know how to create what’s needed in our lives. Mars (action, energy) in Sagittarius asks us to pursue our quest and dreams, but it squares Neptune (idealism, illusion, mysticism), which leads to confusion about the best steps to pursue on our path.

Jupiter (expansion) in Pisces delivers higher love and compassion. Neptune sextile Pluto answers our questions with its emphasis on spiritual growth, devotion, and the quest for the inner self. Go within and listen to the inner self, the place of light where the heart, consciousness, and the universe meet.


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