New Moon and Solar Eclipse

astrology forecast Dec 02, 2021

New moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

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The New Moon appears on December 4 at 2:43 am, and the Solar Eclipse occurs between 12:29 am and 4:37 am ET. Eclipses bring change along with a feeling of a “reset”; it’s helpful to meditate before an eclipse—to think about positive events and the expansion of higher consciousness. Solar eclipses take place on the New Moon when a portion of the earth is darkened by the shadow of the moon, which fully or partially blocks sunlight. They occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in specific alignment. Solar eclipses affect the collective, and it’s best to stay grounded within our own energy fields.

During the month of December and early January, the earth and sun align with Galactic Center, which is said to emanate pulses of love and light. It amplifies the love and light that we feel on a daily basis—and at the time of the greatest darkness in the Western Hemisphere. Galactic Center is on Sagittarius 27, “The Sculptor’s Vision Is Slowly But Surely Taking Place”, according to Lynda Hill (Sabian Symbols). The symbol may refer to inner work of those awakening on the spiritual path–and the slow expression of spiritual concepts in the physical world.

Sun (life), Moon (emotions), and Mercury (communications) are placed in Sagittarius at the time of the New Moon, a period of reflection, stillness, and introspection. The sign of Sagittarius tends to expand optimism, desire for adventure and gives focus with the spiritual quest. With Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury (thought), clear expression and communication are heightened. It’s a wonderful time to say how we feel and express deeper thoughts.

Sun (outer life), Moon (inner life) and Mercury (thought, communication) sextile Saturn, which helps with applying lessons from the past. It can also give self-reliance and perseverance; it enhances self-discipline and determination.

Sun (outer life), Moon (inner life) and Mercury (thought, communication) square Neptune (illusion, mysticism). Squares cause tension between two sets of thoughts and inclinations; they are not comfortable. This square demands a different kind of spirituality, which is not related to personal adherence to the role of light worker. It demands “real” work and sifting through illusion to find universal truth. With the eclipse in play, the squares also ask for examination of self-deception and limiting patterns/beliefs. (The discovery of how we deceive ourselves is never easy, but it leads to insights and expansion on the spiritual path.)

Venus, ruler of love, abundance, and relationships, is in Capricorn until March 6. Venus is conscientious and circumspect in this placement. It can bring up sensations of feeling unloved or victimized; it can also remind of us of how we may lack or need love in our lives. of not being loved or feeling victimized. (However, we can always love ourselves, clear the past, and create a new future. Love begets love, and we can create it.)

Venus conjuncts (close to) Pluto (subconscious, transformation), and it’s a powerful aspect. It concerns using our power in relationships in the right way such as creating healthy boundaries, speaking from a neutral point of view, and expressing love in a way that others can hear. Everyone has moments of incorrect expression, weak boundaries, and not being heard, and the aspect is an opportunity to rewrite our approach in all types of relationships.

Mars is in Scorpio, a water sign, heightening dreams, ambitions, and emotions with a focus on personal power. The trick is learning how to express anger and deep emotion in a positive sense. Mars (action) squares Jupiter (good fortune), which intensifies passionate longings and an urge to succeed, but there is often resistance to success. Patience and perseverance are often the answer to the “push”.  It can feel like an obsessive urge to complete a task. Do it in steps, don’t force, and proceed slowly. Marts trine Neptune (illusion, mysticism) increases sensitivity, creativity, and connection with the Divine. The energy is best expressed through art, dance, and spiritual practices.

Saturn (karma, limitation) in Aquarius remains square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), an aspect that has been believed to cause dissension in politics, global events, and the duality with world views. Saturn rules restrictions, limitation, control, government obligations, and economy. We may feel or see conflict in accepting Aquarian ideals and/or making changes on a larger level. Overall, it is a limiting force. It’s the third square, and we’ll feel it more during the latter part of December.

Sun (life), Moon (emotion), and Mercury (mind) trine Chiron, the wounded healer, which indicates the possibility of harmoniously healing wounds on a personal level.


  • Alignment with Galactic Center and Sun in Sagittarius give optimism, energy, and light to the forecast. While it’s lovely, it’s also important to remain intent about our spiritual work and personal quests.
  • Eclipses can feel unsettling. Use the energy to focus on staying centered, grounding, and moving through patterns.
  • Sun, Moon, Mercury square Neptune (illusion, mysticism). This aspect may cause feelings of tiredness or laziness, but we’re also receiving inspiration from the Divine. It’s a personal decision to give into the desire to relax and dream—or use the planetary energy to move into deeper meditation and the realization of our spiritual quest.
  • Venus (love) encourages overcoming limiting patterns and self-defeating patterns as associated with partnerships and love relationships.
  • Many energetic changes will occur during the month of December. Take time to stay aligned with the inner self.


Visit Julia’s website for more information on One True Self and how to work with her more deeply.



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