Full Moon Forecast: The Hunter’s Moon

astrology forecast Oct 19, 2021

Full moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

October’s Full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon by Native Americans because it’s the last moon before the arrival of winter.  The Full Moon appears on Wed, October 20 at 10:57 am. (Energy and emotion are heightened by the full moon, and they are helpful in the creation and expression of dreams.)

The Sun is placed on Libra 28, and the Sabian Symbol for the degree, according to Lynda Hill, is “A Man Alone in Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels Are Coming to His Aid.” In metaphysics, it’s said, “At our darkest moments, there are more for us (in the invisible world) than there are against us.” The symbol may speak of alleviating the heaviness associated with the past 2 years, or it may speak to us about our personal battles. In either case, we cultivate the light of the unknown through meditation, faith, and alignment with the inner self. Through small perceptions, we ignite and engage the larger and higher forces of the unseen world.

Sun conjuncts Mars (assertion, overall energy), which brings strength, energy, and self-confidence. It gives a push, increasing our ability for action and motion. Sun trines Jupiter (good fortune), and it bestows self-confidence, optimism, and a positive attitude. Sun squares Saturn (limitation, time) asks for patience and determination to overcome limitations of the past. (It’s important to push through old, negative feelings and repeat a task many times—if necessary.)

The Moon is a placed in Aries, a passionate and active fire sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; it encourages self-expression and new beginnings.  Fire brings passion and desire, which are particularly powerful when combined with a spiritual purpose such as self-improvement or development of inner gifts.

Moon opposes Mars (action, energy), meaning our moods and emotions can conflict with right action. It’s important to find a “neutral” point whenever possible and release irritations. The aspect particularly asks for spiritually aligned goals and actions to avoid egoic expressions.

In past months, retrograde planets prevented achievement and/or slowed expression of desires and projects. Currently, Mercury (communications), Jupiter (good fortune), and Pluto (subconscious, transformation) are direct. It’s a bit like receiving a burst of energy from the universe.

Mercury (communications, mind) is direct in Libra, encouraging beautiful expression of the inner self through beauty and harmony as well as speaking, writing, and communication via the internet. Mercury trines Saturn (karma, time, structure), encouraging attention to detail, planning for the future, and grasping the importance of long-term goals and dreams.

Venus (love, relationships) is in Sagittarius, a light-hearted fire sign. When Venus is in Sagittarius, life becomes fun, fiery, and exciting. The placement encourages optimism, exploring life, and responding to our inner desires to feel the sensations and motion of life. Venus squares Neptune (mysticism, idealism) increases sensitivity, awareness of beauty and the sublime, and difficulty in discerning between illusion and truth.

Mars (action, energy) in Libra prefers action through the air waves including internet, broadcasts, speaking, and intuitive work—particularly with a beautiful, harmonious tone. Mars trines Jupiter is a wonderful aspect, bringing a wave of positive energy. However, this aspect tends to work best with a positive kind attitude, and it can also create success and ignite desires.

Jupiter (good fortune) and Saturn (limitation, karma) are in Aquarius, the somewhat erratic and unusual sign ruling electronics, the quantum field, the collective, and big change. Jupiter and Saturn square (tension) Uranus, which contains similar energy to the sign of Aquarius—but is currently in Taurus, an earth sign ruling the financial area of life and the physical aspects (trees, flowers, oceans, etc.) of the planet. The aspect grows stronger until December 23 for the third and last time this year.

Sun, Moon, and Mars square (tension) Pluto (underworld, subconscious). Sun (life) square Pluto (subconscious, transformation) inflates the ego and need to control along with a larger lesson of discovering why we have the need and surrendering it to the universe. Moon square Pluto reveals emotional power struggles and conflicts, so we can move beyond them. Mars square Pluto gives strength to ambition and assertiveness. Again, it’s important to direct the energy in a positive sense.


  1. Overall, the chart has many mystical aspects, which deliver waves of positive energy and open our souls to the benevolent forces of the Divine.
  2. The direct motion of three planets, including Mercury, helps with motivation and attainment of desires and goals.
  3. There are aspects and placements such as Venus in Sagittarius and Sun trine Jupiter, which are uplifting and optimistic.
  4. As with every chart, there are conflicting messages and feelings, which are expressed through aspects with Saturn (time, limitation, karma). Overcoming the feelings of the past is always part of creating a better future. Also, it’s good to deal with conflicting feelings and shining light on them


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