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The Making Magic Program is the magic formula to building life on your terms, fully alive and drawing the abundance and alignment beyond your wildest imagination.

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Inner Cauldron - LEVEL 1

If you are ready to dip your toes into your waters of inner knowing, this is a magical place to start. In this path, you will receive the tools to begin working with your spirit guides and bring your spiritual gifts online through several levels of activations and teachings.

What to expect when stirring your Inner Cauldron:

  • A welcome video message from Temple Keeper, Tahverlee
  • Instruction to help you Navigate Your Spiritual Awakening
  • Connecting with Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Temple of Activation
  • How to Channel
  • Tap into the Gift of Mediumship & Wellness
  • Shadow Work Journal
  • Dark Goddess Mysteries
  • An Introduction to Intuitive Cards

BONUS: Meditation to anchor the teachings

*You will have lifetime access as long as the courses are live and will have immediate access to ALL of the material upon purchase.

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Flame Tenders - LEVEL 2

The transformation truly takes place when we allow time for activation and integration. As a Flame Tender, you will have access to live (and recorded) sessions with Tahverlee, who will take you high into the cosmos while remaining deeply rooted in mother earth. Both to remove layers of conditioning and take it back into our everyday lives. If you are ready to bring your spiritual gifts ALIVE and step into your gifts, one step at a time, with your spirit allies walking alongside you, then this is the place for you.

As a Flame Tender, you will receive the following:

  • All classes, teachings, and downloads in the Inner Cauldron path
  • Access to ALL free 5 Day Facebook Group teachings that take place quarterly and are only available in the Flame Tenders course after the 5 Day teaching ends.
  • Live (and recorded) monthly sessions to help you walk the path of tending your flame in the Ethers via Zoom
  • Question and answer session during live calls
  • An entire class on How to Channel
  • Temple of Activation transmission

BONUS: Discounted 1:1 rate for private sessions with Tahverlee (not accessible outside of this program)

*You will have lifetime access as long as the courses are live and will have immediate access to ALL of the material upon purchase, including the zoom link to the live teachings.

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Temple Keepers - LEVEL 3

We are the keepers of the mysteries and need a community of wise ones surrounding us if we desire to amplify our gifts into the world. Whether you are ready to take your spiritual gifts and be of service or want to flex your magical muscles with divination and ritual, the door is open for you to step fully into your power. This is the Witches Mastermind.

Each month for twelve months, you will be invited behind the scenes of a working witch that lives a magical life, maintains two businesses, several podcasts, and growing social media platforms of 120,000 +. You will learn how to bring magic into each area of your life (and yes, this includes digital growth through social media and what’s coming with the Metaverse), tech witches UNITE!

Stepping into your Temple Keeper path grants access to all paths of Making Magic: Inner Cauldron, Flame Tenders, Live Q & A calls with Tahverlee, and a monthly Witches Mastermind circle. You will receive custom rituals and learn the foundations of crafting rituals for yourself and those you may serve.

The only requirement to join the Temple Keepers path is to be willing to live with your soul on fire!

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