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Wheel Casting for 2024

We are preparing to wrap up 2023 and begin creating a wheel of intention for 2024.

This year will be a special Wheel Casting workshop. Day 1 will be a special Archetypes class, and Day 2 will be a FULL DAY retreat with 3 hours of wheel casting followed by a special session with Whitney Freya to cast your intentions onto a canvas or sketchbook.

Whitney is joining us to cast wheels and will then lead everyone through a creatrix process to take all the magic we’ve created and anchor it through self-expression. It's going to be the most magical wheel-casting event to date!

If you want to create a magical year, then forecasting and intention setting is a critical step in the process. As the great wheel of time moves us into 2024, join us to create a month-by-month guide that will bring medicine, insight, and knowledge into your year ahead.

This intricate class is for anyone ready to be the creator of their own life. A blank wheel will be shipped to you, and a list of supplies needed will be sent through the ethers into your magical space (email).

Class times:

  • November 18th from 1:00pm-2:30pm ET (11:00am-12:30pm MT)
  • December 9th from 11:00am-4:40pm ET (9:00am-2:30pm MT)
  • December 13th from 7:30-9:00pm ET (5:30-7:00pm MT)
  • December 18th from 7:30-9:00pm ET (5:30-7:00pm MT)

About Whitney Freya:
Whitney Freya is an expert in Inspired Living and the author of three books on personal creativity, the most recent being 30 Days to Unstoppable. She is also an inspirational speaker and the leader of a community that circles around the fire of inspiration & personal freedom through her online programs and coaching training.

Since 1996, when Whitney dared to open an art center with ZERO art background, she has been committed to creating her own most inspired life & then helping others to do the same. Turns out, what we spend our most attention on, and where we send our intention (often without
awareness) is truly what determines our life experience.

For her, learning to live as a Life Artist gives the perfect perspective through which we can TAKE BACK our power. What does that mean?

It means going within to reconnect to what you want, what LIGHTS YOU UP, what INSPIRES you, what calls to your FEARLESS self & what you want to CREATE in this lifetime. Whitney strives to FREE people from the “shoulds” and “have-tos” and reconnect them to the present moment magic that will take their breath away!