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Spellcasting 101 On Demand Workshop

Welcome to the Spellcasting 101 Workshop!

Casting a spell is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to influence events and bring about changes in one's life. In popular culture, casting a spell isn’t just associated with us witches or the supernatural (although that’s what we do – tap into supernatural power on the daily). The reality is that spellcasting is a deeply personal and spiritual practice that anyone can use regardless of their religious or cultural background.

At its core, casting a spell involves harnessing and directing energy towards a specific intention or goal. This energy can come from a variety of sources, such as the elements, the universe, or the practitioner themselves. The intention or goal can range from something as simple as finding a lost item to something more complex like manifesting a new job or healing a relationship.

There are many ways, methods, and systems to harness energy and many ways, methods, and systems to add that energy to your intentions. This workshop will teach you Tahverlee’s own specific tools and methods that ALWAYS work.

You will gain immediate access to the workshop upon the completion of your order.