$222.00 USD

Mystery Workshop

Congratulations on saying YES to deep levels of magic. This Mystery Workshop is POWERFUL and traditionally only done in sacred temples. I’m ready to share them with you in this one-of-a-kind creatrix.  We’ll go into the mysteries together.

The magic will take place across the ethers on zoom Monday, April 10th, from 12-2 ET (10-12 MT). 

The cost to join now is ONLY $22 ~ but act fast; the price increases each week until the big reveal!

Another secret of this experience will be revealed each week until the big day. But with each reveal, the price gets higher; $22, $44, $88....and continues to increase.

Just know that you are saying YES to heightened states of awareness that will become your new baseline for what you create in your life.

I dare you to begin thinking BIGGER about what you want. Ask yourself if you are putting an invisible block on how MUCH you can receive. Start there….and I’ll see you on the other side.

Welcome to the mysteries…