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Archetype Reading
60 min. for $250

Reading with your Archetypal Guides

Session Length: 60 Minutes

You live in a world of archetypes! Movies, fiction, mythology, fairy tales and all of life are full of them! They are the stories that make our world... and your world.

Learning from and discovering your personal archetypes is an experience of wholeness -- not just in understanding your core stories, but also expanding into the body, mind, heart and soul.

This reading is a chance to access your archetypal guides, to find your purpose, to gain confidence and clarity in the stories you’re living right now, to explore your magic, and to find out where to go next. It’s a chance to find you and remember who YOU are.

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Ephraim, Archetypal Guide

For over 18 years, Ephraim Mallery (all pronouns) has guided people in finding and embodying joy, cultivating creativity, expanding sexuality, and improving their relationships. He trained in person with Caroline Myss for over 2 ½ years in her first Sacred Contracts class, including special classes that are no longer offered.

At the core, he teaches you how to embrace the pleasure of your existence, to literally, deeply Make Love with Your Life, and to fully immerse in the Ecstasy of the present moment.

"My work is my passion. And that passion is to help people realize that everything is ecstasy. That's a big word, difficult to describe. Ecstasy is Wholeness. Ecstasy is Love. Ecstasy is Pleasure. Ecstasy is the full, direct experience of who you are."

Ephraim is a poet, Certified Archetypal Consultant and Erotic Blueprint Coach™. He loves food, plays board games, and enjoys long walks in the woods.