She Circle (FREE)

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering together to connect and share wisdom, often during the cycles of the moon.  In the core of our wombs, we long for this connection.  In the depths of our hearts, we crave the joining of hearts and spirits, just as our ancestors did.

It's time to wake up our deep feminine wisdom through workshops and circles for all beings who identify as women. 

There is no fee to attend the She Circle. There is no obligation to share or be seen. The only invitation we have for you is to come with your heart open and listen deep in your soul.

September 20, 2021

Join Us for FREE She Circle

The systems our society has created were meant to divide and lessen the power and wisdom that all women hold to keep the power in the hands of men.  This has occurred for so long that many of us don’t understand that jealousy and competition are ingrained behavior that is meant to tame the wild feminine.

Join our circle as we explore how to create deeper connections with your own feminine and allow wisdom and fellowship with other women to become your most significant source of knowledge.

We understand this doesn’t come easy for many of us.  We honor your wounding.  We lovingly invite you to come to the circle and share and learn together.

Anyone that identifies as a woman is invited regardless of your spiritual beliefs or practices and there is no prerequisite to register.  This is an open and safe space, a calling for your soul, and a place for remembering the feminine deep within. 

Next Free Class:

September 20, 2021, starting at 5pm Mountain Time.

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September 20, 2021


Live Zoom Meeting

For all beings who identify as women

Wisdom and fellowship with other women

This is an open and safe space, a calling for your soul, and a place for remembering the feminine deep within

*Class will be livestreamed starting at 5:00pm MST (7:00pm EST)*

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Tahverlee, Temple Keeper + Coven

Tahverlee is a Priestess of the Wild, creating bold spaces to evolve our voices and consciousness. She walks with the blood of Athena in her veins, a conduit between the underworld and the cosmos, and she's here to guide your soul work.

She is a business expert and spiritual leader, a social impact entrepreneur, podcast host, and an accomplished speaker — someone who pushes the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, woman, healer, and a witch.