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Mediumship Is Wellness

Mediumship is the communication of Spirit, a knowing, an inspiration from a source beyond our own knowledge. Mediumship is a gift existing in each of us, a universal connection, and yet your journey in discovering your gift and the positive impact Mediumship will have on your life are unique to you.

What is required of you to engage in this journey, in your gift of Mediumship, is love and surrender; the rest will be shown to you. Through this recorded experience with Shannon Danielle, she will share her experience and reflection in this sacred form of healing along with providing tangible suggestions for you to begin and enhance your exploration.

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Love never ends. After physical death, the way we communicate simply changes.

Mediumship begins with the connection to self, grounding in our truth and a willingness to surrender. The space of self, allows us to experience and acknowledge the inspired communication from beyond human life, in death, when the connection from a beloved is offered to provide comfort, clarity, reassurance, love and so much more.

I'm Saying Yes To Mediumship

What To Expect

During your time with Shannon Danielle, Spirit Medium, Intuitive, End of Life Doula. In this recorded session you will learn the What of Mediumship as well as the How from her extraordinary and ordinary journey in the space of the dying.  

  • Connection to Self. 
  • Relationship with Death. 
  • Mediumship: What and How. 
  • The Ritual of Grieving. 

You are encouraged to feel the time you invest today, apply the pieces that Make Sense to You in your life, and hold space for the pieces that may Not Make Sense to You Today. Time is fluid in the communication of Spirit. Saying Yes to opportunities that are unexpected, feel right, and intrigue you are a loving opportunity meant for you, to better your experience infusing the wisdom of love, death, and life.

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“My husband and I both started working with Tahverlee at about the same time; I found her by chance on TikTok and immediately felt drawn to her positivity. We were both stuck in the loop of everyday life and felt like there was something more waiting for us out there. I knew that she was the one to help guide us. We have both grown and learned so much in this short timeframe and are so grateful for everything Tahverlee has helped us with. We now have a real understanding for what the future holds for us and our newfound gifts.”

~ Amber Raschella ~

Shannon Danielle

 Love and Wellness

A life-altering experience surrounding the death of a dear friend left me with a truth felt down to my bones: I wanted to pay more attention in my life to the unexpected moments.

I am gifted with the ability to communicate with Spirit, we all are. My gifts include MediumshipMedical IntuitionLife GuidanceSpiritual Growth - and whatever Spirit knows to be best for my clients. My journey includes the ongoing focus in learning and healing of self, the practice of surrender to what the Divine knows is best for each client, the ritual of wellness and grieving as a daily practice; all making space for love and wellness. (read more here)