Tahverlee, Temple Keeper

Tahverlee is a Priestess of the Wild, creating bold spaces to evolve our voices and consciousness. She walks with the blood of Athena in her veins, a conduit between the underworld and the cosmos, and she's here to guide your soul work.  

As a High Priestess, Ritualist, Initiate of the Sacred Way and Eleusinian Rites, she works deeply with her Irish ancestors and wise circle of guides.

She bridges barriers to connect with spirits who have passed on, living with one foot in the otherworld, and one foot firmly rooted in mother nature. She holds others to the essence of their highest potential.

She is a business expert and spiritual leader, a social impact entrepreneur, podcast host, and an accomplished speaker — someone who pushes the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, woman, healer, and a witch.

Tahverlee holds space unconditionally as a fierce seeker of truth.  She is both the Temple Keeper and an avowed heathen. While holding the Sword of the Initiator, Tahverlee commingles light and darkness to cut through the bindings that limit our own beliefs. She is a trusted leader who puts us in touch with our truest self-expression and ignites our spiritual growth.

Mama to Joshua and Hannah, Tahverlee walks hand in paw with her healer wolf-pup, Hammer.

Book 1:1 with Tahverlee

Gina {GG} Garris

Gina {GG} Garris (she/her or they/them) is a lover of SEX, LOVE and all things RITUAL. For over 20 years, she has infused her life with sharing love as a womxn, healer, teacher and mentor. Being in GG’s presence allows you to relax into more of yourself. Without judgment, Gina naturally creates a sacred space of awareness, acceptance and appreciation of all aspects of you, light and dark. This permission from within calls forth new ways of BE-ing.

"Wholeness, juiciness, and life without shame" are a few ways Gina’s clients describe the results of her work. Whether you encounter Gina while she is in the realm of Erotic Blueprint™ and Sexual Embodiment Coaching, ritual and ceremony or sexuality and spirituality workshops, she meets you wherever you are on your journey and just loves you. Unconditionally.  As part of the LGBTQIA community, it is {GG}’s pleasure to serve all orientations.

{GG} offers Rituals, Embodiment & SX Magic readings.

Book 1:1 with {GG}

Shoshanna French

Shoshanna French is an Intuition Expert, a Coach, and a psychic who has been developing her gifts of healing, intuitive connection, and her coaching skills for the last 24 years. Blending spirituality with elements of personal and professional development, she guides others to stronger connections in relationships, ease in professional success, and find deeper trust in themselves. She can provide guidance for you and help you learn to recognize and understand your own intuitive gifts. 

Shoshanna was initiated as Athena, a Wiccan Priestess, in 2008 following an 18-month training in the Alexandrian tradition. Now she follows an eclectic path expanding her magical knowledge on her own and with others in a traditional circle. She has studied the shamanic practices of hedge witchcraft, candle magic and many elements of divination. She believes in a lifelong path of learning and continues to expand her magical knowledge.

“Magic is 90% intent. Being a witch is a daily walk and practice. I honor my connection to the planet and all her living creatures, the elements, my ancestors while strengthening my spiritual gifts and stewarding a better future for all.” 

Shoshanna teaches the 'An Introduction to Intuitive Cards' class, together with Tahverlee.

An Introduction to Intuitive Cards Class Now Enrolling

Ephraim Mallery

For over 18 years, Ephraim Mallery (he/they) has guided people in finding and embodying joy, cultivating creativity, expanding sexuality and improving their relationships. At the core, he teaches you how to embrace the pleasure of your existence, to literally, deeply Make Love with Your Life and to fully immerse in the Ecstasy of the present moment.

"My work is my passion. And that passion is to help people realize that everything is ecstasy. That's a big word, difficult to describe. Ecstasy is Wholeness. Ecstasy is Love. Ecstasy is Pleasure. Ecstasy is the full, direct experience of who you are."

Ephraim is a poet, Certified Archetypal Consultant and Erotic Blueprint Coach™. He loves food, plays games, and enjoys long walks in the woods.

Ephraim offers 1:1 sessions to 'Discover Your Archetypes: Council to Your Soul.'

Book 1:1 with Ephraim

Heather Dawn (Mishi)

Heather Dawn is a lover of PASSION and ALL THINGS OF DIVINE BEAUTY. Also known to her friends as Mishi, she has been working with the Dark Goddess archetypes for over 10 years and is the embodiment of Kali Ma, Lilith, and Naga Kanya.

She is a mother, a high priestess, tattoo enthusiast, music lover, healer, moon fanatic, non-conformist, ritual master, and sacred rebel who loves to celebrate the feminine form. 

More Magical Tidbits:

  • She loves to be barefoot, and is slightly panicked when shoes are strapped to her feet…
  • She has been sober for over 2 years.
  • She loves the color ORCHID, a cross between magenta and electric purple
  • All her tattoos represent a form of the dark goddesses within.
  • Her higher self has blue skin, so if you see her in another form, it might just be very blue.
  • She creates her own private-label oil blends through Mishi Awakening.
  • She is trained in etheric cap removals, etheric cord cuttings, crystal and sound healings.

Mishi teaches the 'Dark Goddess' course.

Dark Goddess Course Now Enrolling

DD Haeg

DD Haeg is a soul reader, pleasure embodiment coach, and international retreat leader dedicated to helping people find their way back to Truth. She has given over 250 Akashic Records (soul) readings, taken over 1000 hours of pleasure courses and trainings, and taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for nearly a decade.

She’s dedicated her life to helping people who struggle with some of the biggest soul blockers of all — fear, stress, and overwhelm — find more freedom and pleasure in their life. She believes we’re all meant to live soulful, sensual, sovereign lives.

DD loves giving readings and mentoring clients in her 1:1 practice and is also the creative goddess behind several online courses, including the Pleasure Code™, and the Akashic Records Illuminated, an online training and certification program that teaches people how to connect to soul for deep healing, growth, and love.

A single mom of two, her current obsessions include ordering books from Amazon on Mary Magdalene, drinking London Fogs, and creating epic Spotify dance playlists.

DD teaches the "Akashic Records Level 1" class.

Akashic Records Class Now Enrolling

Shannon Danielle

What if you had a relationship with death? Could that create more room for wisdom, purpose, and love in your life? 

Through the very unusual circumstances surrounding reconnecting to a friend and ultimately his death a short year later, I was left with a distinct impression: I wanted to pay attention in my life. No more, ‘I’m busy now, I will do it later,” when I was suddenly, often unexpectedly moved to call someone. This average afternoon when I said Yes instead of "I’m too busy,” I connected with my friend, and within 48-hours he received a medical diagnosis that changed both our lives.

The life-altering experience of that year left me with a truth felt down to my bones; if I had ignored that random feeling and inspiration urging me to reach out to my friend, I would have missed out on saying goodbye, on supporting him in his journey, on beginning to grieve the loss of someone so dear to me, on an experience that to this day is still unfolding in love in my life. 

Jumping ahead, today I am gifted with the ability to communicate with Spirit, including Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Life Guidance, Spiritual Growth, and ever-changing limitless moments, affirming that love is the foundation of all. The communication of Spirit transcends all of our human experiences, connecting us to the core, as the true universal center that we each share grounded in love. This connection to those we love who have died, to self and our loved ones in our space of dying, to those living who do not have the ability to communicate, and many more circumstances, unite us all in the universal space of love.

The gift of Spirit communication encourages us to embrace a relationship with the shadow and light that is our human experience, to embrace all of our experiences in truth and that includes death, honoring the sacred space of dying. My journey as a healer includes the ongoing focus in learning and healing of self, the practice of surrender to what the Divine knows is best for each client, the ritual of wellness and grieving as a daily practice; all making space for love and wellness. 

Shannon teaches the "Tap Into the Gift of Mediumship & Wellness" class and offers one-on-one mediumship readings.

Book your reading with Shannon Danielle today.

Book 1:1 With Shannon

"Tahverlee is

the most enlightened and successful person I have ever met. She contributes to her community and the tribes she works with, demonstrates repeated success in the corporate world, and is totally present and available for me every time I need her. Without fail, she brings the fierceness of a seasoned warrior, the compassion of your dearest friend, and the energy of a divinely enlightened healer all wrapped up into a single human. My personal development can be seen and felt by all around me regardless of their personal views."

~ Holly Vigil

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