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The Temple of Study

Find the answers to your spiritual gifts through a mystic self-study course.

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Activate Your Mind and Body

You Are The Magic

You're wondering where to start finding the answers to your spiritual gifts, how to create life on your terms and where to go find this transformation your soul is speaking. You've come to the right place.


If you are:

  • Ready to learn how your intuition speaks to you
  • Feeling a call to develop your spiritual gifts and turn them up to full blast
  • Develop the tools to create your own rituals and connect to spirit guides
  • Clear blockages to accessing ancient wisdom
  • Flow through shadow work and learn to embrace the parts you keep hidden

Then now is the time to step into your spiritual path. You may think that you have no time to invest in becoming your most ABUNDANT self and trying to balance work, life, family and limiting beliefs - but I'm here to tell you that its not only possible to GROW spiritually while living the daily human life - in fact its part of the process.

We cannot remove ourselves from the human experience, in fact we are here to do both, keep one foot in the spiritual realm and expand our consciousness to enhance our life here and now. YOU ARE THE MAGIC. It already lives inside you. Although as we embark on this spiritual transformation, things around us may change, it creates a life of living on purpose with connection to all things - both material and spiritual.

In this self-study course, you will:

  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Learn tools to align to the energy of abundance
  • Understand where there are blockages and how to clear them
  • Develop practices to align with your purpose
  • Reclaim your power
  • Learn how to use divination tools such as tarot/oracle readings

The Temple of Study Includes:

  • 8+ hours of individual classes tailored to teach you the practical tools of turning your spiritual gifts on, connecting to your guides, daily practices and rituals.
  • Transformation activations that will instantly change your frequency
  • Meditation and breathing practices to shift consciousness
  • Divination exercises and practices to go beyond your limits

The combined teaching and knowledge in this course well exceeds $3,900

We have packaged the entire transformation for you for only $39.99/month. Cancel anytime.

The magic is ready to be ignited - start now, your transformation awaits.

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