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If you seek deep transformation with a like-minded community, this is the place for you. Here you will find the magic formula for building a life fully alive and drawing in abundance and alignment beyond your wildest dreams.


If you feel the call to awaken your inner Witch, then join us.

The Witch call comes in many forms. It can be a soft nudge, repeating numbers, social media posts that pop up over and over, books you’ve read, or even just a deep inner knowing. It’s time to understand what’s within you that wishes to be created.

The transformation occurs through live sessions with Tahverlee, journey space, and ritual.

This is the last spiritual coaching and transformational spell book you will ever need. This is the temple where the deepest growth takes place. If you are ready to shed the layers of shadow work and fully turn on your spiritual gifts and connection to the unseen world, then you are in the right place.

It’s time to activate your full potential, as the world needs you to be ON FIRE in your gifts.

If you are not leveling up your thinking and planning, you will be left wondering if you missed your chance. We must adjust our patterns and shift into this new paradigm through activation and alignment. Tahverlee will be with you every step of the way, provide feedback on your workings and path, and have special gifts for you as you reach each milestone on this journey. Prepare to be wowed!

People reach out to Tahverlee daily, asking how to tune their spirit allies into their channel to make better decisions in business and life. They ask how to align their energy for massive growth. This program will completely transform the body and mind into the sacred temple that so many are longing for.

Tahverlee guides and channels you along the way and will introduce you to an amazing community of people on the EXACT same path as you. If you’ve wondered where the people that live life fully open and connected are, you will find them here.

The Magic is ready to be ignited ~ Start now ~ Your transformation awaits

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