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  • She Circle is a safe place for beings who identify as women to experience the wisdom and fellowship of other women - and it's FREE to join! 
  • If you are feeling the “tap tap” on your shoulder which can appear in the form of repeating numbers, a whisper in your ear, a calling to learn more – then join us in Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening.
  • If mindfulness and meditation are a part of your daily life and you feel yourself traveling to new and exciting places from breath work alone, Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening is also a good place to start.
  • If the cards call you and you want to seek deeper ways of connecting to your intuition, join Shoshana in An Introduction to Intuitive Cards. Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome.

Connect to Your Spirit Guides


Welcome to the Awakening!

Please accept this gift.

Your awakening is waiting for you.

This is a place to connect with your ancestors, lineage, and internal wisdom.

Gain insight as you step through the doorway to understanding more about yourself.

Awaken your inner mysteries!

Tahverlee's Moon Temple Mystery School will enable you to embrace both the light and the dark, investigate the connection between your body and soul, and discover the keys to your own heaven on Earth.

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