Your Spells Haven't Been Working...

And that all changes NOW

When you change this, your spells will ALWAYS work


Instead of looking outside, changing the stones you're working with, trying new oils, gathering new material...there's one place you should go FIRST. 

Because when you shift this one thing, everything changes. Everything. And you are able to manifest every single thing you want.

Enter the Love Shack Here

Money, Love, Happiness, Health. They're All YOURS.

You Can Access Them Anytime

When You Hold The Secret To The Deepest Magic Of The Universe

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Enter the Love Shack Here


Proven Process

The Love Shack is the underlying thread to all of the magic that I've taught to thousands of humans.


MONTHS of work packed into 29 days. And if you commit, the results you see will be immediate.

Private Community

Gather with other witches in our private Facebook group. Share your victories and get suppor.

Enter the Love Shack Here

This is not surface-level work, this is months of deep,  alchemical magic packed into 29 days of pure magic. 

All you have to do is say YES and show up for yourself for 29 days!

 The Love Shack secrets are delivered in a format you can access forever.

You'll get 29 days of magic for you to do on your own time to quantum leap your desires.

Your 29 days of Love Shack alchemical magic also come with:

* Four journeys across the veil to create your own Love Shack that you can return to any time for the rest of this lifetime

* Beauty Magic rituals

* S*x Magic introduction

* A private Facebook group to be in community with witches and sorceresses

* Customized rituals to use to enter your Love Shack.

* Altar set-up and card readings.

* Rituals and methods to connect with the love goddess, Aphrodite.

 You will also have access to custom incense blends, magical tea blends, and playlists to accompany you on your entire journey.

 The Love Shack takes place inside a super-secret Facebook group.

All materials are available within the group and yours to keep forever.

There will not be any Zoom calls!

This is an all-in process where I light the path for you to do the work for 29 days.

I’ll be right next to you the whole time.

I welcome your questions!

Here’s why your spells and rituals haven’t worked...


Most spells and magical workings are created on the surface level outside of your body.

It’s the most common place to start and its not wrong.  But the deeper you go into your body and awaken your greatest spiritual alignment and practice receiving (from yourself first), then you can literally manifest anything.  

That emergency magic you do when things go sideways and you ask the universe, god, goddess for something when stressed – never works (you KNOW that is coming from a place of lack).



You think you need better crystals to amplify your goals/intentions?

Nope, you need internal work and alignment.

You think your gifts aren’t strong enough to manifest anything you desire?

Nope, you need to learn how to receive them.

You think you're stuck with the same ole-same ole?

Nope, you can change any circumstance if you truly want to.

You see your trauma and pain as limiting you?

Nope, you can turn your pain into power.

The Secret Nobody Wants To Talk About

The energy within your body and your connection to how deeply you love and receive from yourself is the secret that nobody wants to talk about. 

The work is never "out there". It's always "in here". And when you dive into the Love Shack with us you're going to learn a whole other level of love for YOU. 

You're going to access the depths of magic that you didn't even know you could access.

The magic that you work from this moment forward will be magic that gets the results you want. 

No more "trying". 

You will speak what you want into existence. 

And you will have it.

When you learn the lessons in The Love Shack . . .

. . . you will have all the tools you need to manifest everything you want.

Hi! I'm Tahverlee Anglen, witch coach and creator of the Love Shack.

I've helped thousands of humans transform their lives completely through activating their receiving methods and connecting them to their own power center. 

As a High Priestess, Ritualist, Initiate of the Sacred Way, Initiate of the Eleusinian Rites, and a practitioner of the Tenants of the Celtic Mysteries, I work hand-in-hand with a wise circle of fellow guides.

As a business expert and spiritual leader, a social impact entrepreneur, podcast host, and an accomplished speaker, I am someone who pushes the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, woman, healer, and witch.

When I received the inspiration to create the Love Shack, my body literally BUZZED with excitement. That's how I know this is going to be one of THE most potent facets of your magic to date. I can't wait for you to find out what truly is possible for you!

Enter the Love Shack Here

This is months and months of alchemical magic packed into 29 days. And it's going to be...