Ancient Teachings for a Modern World

This is a time we crave connection more than ever.  

We strive to understand both ourselves and one another, to locate our place in life and in our communities. As we do this important work, we discover the barriers to achieving our goals.

Welcome to the Moon Temple Mystery School! Tahverlee is here to help you embrace both the light and the dark, investigate the connection between your body and soul, and discover the keys to your own heaven on Earth.

Do you feel the excitement when you hear the words “mystery school?”  Do any of the following sound like you?

You see repeating numbers.

You’ve had an inkling something was about to happen...

and then it did!

You understand that people have come into your life for a reason.

You crave a deeper understanding of your gifts.

You desire ascension.

You’re in the right place.


Tahverlee, Temple Keeper


Connect to Your Spirit Guides
with Tahverlee

Welcome to the Awakening!

Please accept this gift.

Your awakening is waiting for you.

This is a place to connect with your ancestors, lineage, and internal wisdom.

Gain insight as you step through the doorway to understanding more about yourself.

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