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The path to knowing yourself and your true purpose.

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Let The Magic Unfold
Let The Magic Unfold
Let The Magic Unfold

Let The Magic Unfold

Anchient Teachings
for a Modern World

This is the place to explore the deep wisdom of the ancient teachings to transform your life. It's a journey that will connect you to your inner truth and shift your perspective. When we do this great work, we discover the barriers to living life fully tapped in and turned on with your spiritual gifts activated.

Discover More ~ Tahverlee, Temple Keeper

Magical Transformation

Where To Start

We are here to enable you to embrace both the light and the dark, investigate the connection between your body, soul and spirit through the three directions below. The world needs your magic and discovering the keys to heaven on earth.

Sacred Way Mentorship

Embark on a six-month personalized transformation and spiritual coaching. Our magical self-development program.

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The Temple of Study

Find the answers to your spiritual gifts through our self-study course.


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High Priestess/High Priest

Six-month journey. to reclaim your inner witch, healer, and maker of magic.

*Only available once per year

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