The Witching Hour

On the first Wednesday of each month, Tahverlee will lead a live Witching Hour where all topics of leading a magical life will be explored. Join the evening of enchantment FREE to explore the mysteries that remain an ever-evolving field of knowledge. You will learn divination tools, how to work with tarot and oracle cards, energies that are impacting the month, crossing the veil into the spirit realm, activating your spiritual gifts, guided meditations, and have the opportunity to ask Tahverlee anything during a Q & A session.

Register now and receive the invitation to an entire year of FREE transformational teachings. Anyone is welcome regardless of path, tradition, gender, race or age. The Witching Hour is open for anyone called to explore the mystical path.

The first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm EST (5 pm MST) through the ethers on Zoom.

P.S. If you don’t receive a confirmation email with the list of ritual supplies and links to join, clap three times and check your spam folder.

The Witching Hour Registration

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