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WitchFest 2022



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 WitchFest 2022

Colorado’s largest festival honoring all traditions and paths in a fun filled evening of magic and performance.



Friday, October 21 ~ 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday, October 22 ~ 12:00pm - 11:00pm


Elitch Gardens Fright Fest
Denver, CO

WitchFest is the largest event of its kind featuring live on-stage rituals, a Mystical Marketplace, Reader’s Alley, and real Magic!

Enjoy soul inspiring LIVE performances by Nordic Daughter and DJ Howl on the main stage both nights.

The Mystical Marketplace features Magic-makers from far and wide. They will offer their wares, including metaphysical stores, handcrafted wands, apothecaries, brooms, custom jewelry, runes, and any magical tool you desire. You can find it all in the Mystical Marketplace.

Reader’s Alley will feature tarot and oracle readers as conduits to your soul’s calling.

Sacred rituals to honor the dead will be held live on stage each evening with High Priests & High Priestesses from across the country. At a time when the veil is thinning, we will take you between the worlds on a journey unlike you’ve seen or felt before. This is Magic in its purest form.

You will have the opportunity to participate in rituals to honor your ancestors and the wise team of guides who walk with you. All lineages and paths are welcome. Whether you are new on your path or an experienced practitioner, WitchFest is the place to taste, feel, see, and experience all the Magic available to you.

Included in your ticket are all the activities of Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens (roller coasters, mayhem, and more).


Can't attend in person?

Join us for Taste the Magic

You are invited to join us to Taste the Magic that lives just beyond the veil.  In this one-hour supernatural, magical AF journey, Tahverlee will lead you through a deeper understanding of how your spiritual gifts work and how to turn them up to FULL blast.

Join Us for Taste the Magic


Vendors and Readers

Calling all Witches, Spiritual Practitioners, and Mystics! You are invited to join Moon Temple Mystery School at WitchFest 2022. 
Bring your magical wares and offerings to the Mystical Market. Tarot readers, Oracle readers, metaphysical stores, handmade items... all are welcome!
For more info and registration, click the links below:
Vendors Registration
Readers Registration