Welcome to the Spring WitchRave on March 17th, 2023

We’re back and ready for another great night of magic and transformation with DJ Garth channeling live music following rituals.

The Spring WitchRave is a celebration of Persephone’s return from the underworld and the welcome of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). The WitchRave is THE event of the season to begin the next cycle of rebirth, transformation, and magic.

The event begins at 8pm ET (5 pm PT, 6pm MT) with rituals to welcome the return of Persephone, the equinox, and opening a vortex to create whatever you DESIRE. We will do rituals and then dance them into an activated state.

The music is the medicine, and moving your body is the creation. Ask yourself what you DESIRE in the next six months and we’ll support you to open the portals to all possibilities. There is no replay. This means you are showing up to honor yourself during this liminal time.

If you want to create the next cycle of life on YOUR terms, register for WitchRave, and we’ll call that shit in!

NOTE: This event is donation-based - choose your donation level when registering.


Here’s how the magic will unfold:

✨ We begin at 8pm ET (5 pm PT, 6pm MT) with opening rituals (a suggested list of supplies will be emailed once registered)

✨ Tahverlee will lead you through an opening ceremony, rituals, and activation on Zoom from the comfort of your own witchy temple

✨ Anyone can join from anywhere. DJ Garth will begin streaming the live music shortly after, and we will remain on Zoom (on mute).

✨ The music is accessed through the Mixlr app that you will need to download on a separate device.

✨ We recommend using Zoom on your computer and listening to the music through the app on your phone, either with headphones or a speaker (turn it up). The vibration of the music is real!

✨ Come prepared to let your body be free and move.


The WitchRave is a one-of-a-kind event for everyone, whether you identify as a witch or not.
The music is the medicine. Letting your body dance and move creates the manifestation. Light your candles, grab your divination tools, set up your altar, and let YOUR SOUL guide you.

 See you there!

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