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Moon Temple Mystery School

Find The Balance Between Light & Dark, Remember Your Truth, And Unlock Your Highest Potential.

Because what calls to you…

Is your soul.

And you know deep within that it craves ALIGNMENT with all that you are. And Moon Temple Mystery School is exactly where you need to be to do that.

Let The Magic Unfold
Let The Magic Unfold
Let The Magic Unfold

The Great Work

Moon Temple Mystery School helps you do the Great Work we’re called here to do. With spiritual development that is rooted in Ancient Wisdom, we delve into your depths to help you remember who you came here to be.


Ancient Wisdom

Proven practices that have been around for centuries blend with a modern touch to help you uncover your highest calling and your deepest truths so your perspective is forever shifted and your life forever ELEVATED.

Spellbinders Club

Access the spells and rituals you need to live a magical life with our monthly membership. This is a powerful resource for witches, new and experienced. Choose your engagement level and jump right in!

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Unlock your most enchanting life when you master and USE your unique spiritual gifts in this journey into the extrasensory gifts you were born with. Heal your emotionals wounds and create the life you crave in Extraordinary.

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The Witch Shop

Browse our witch workshops and witchcraft classes to find just the right tool for where you are in your life, right now. From Sabbat Rituals to navigating your spiritual awakening, it’s all inside The Witch Shop.

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Meet Tahverlee

As Creator and High Priestess of Moon Temple Mystery School, I stand before you a guide whose purpose is to help you remember your purpose so you can finally run headlong into it.

My Initiation within the Sacred Way, the Elusinian Rites, and my practice of the Tenants of the Celtic Mysteries, as well as my wise and powerful circle of fellow guides help me support you in your growth, ensuring your success at integrating what it means to live your highest truth.

And my ability to walk with one foot in the other world and one foot in Mother Nature means you are in the best place possible to make change as quickly as you are ready.

Guided by the fire of Athena in my veins, I constantly push the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, a woman, a healer, and a witch.

Tap into that strength you feel welling up in your belly, take up your shield and sword with me and let’s shatter the ceiling the world has built over your head.

Seeker of Truth, business expert with decades of experience growing a successful business, spiritual leader, social justice entrepreneur, Host of the Grace & Grit podcast, and accomplished speaker. Tahverlee is the conduit between the Underworld and the Cosmos. Also mama to Joshua and Hannah, grandma to Ophelia, Tahverlee walks hand in paw with her pup, Moses.

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Curiosity Is The Magic

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