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Grit & Grace Podcast

Join Tahverlee for deep soul-level conversations about spirituality and what lies on the other side of the veil. As a high priestess and ritualist, Tahverlee shines a light on walking the awakening path of inner knowing and how it weaves into our daily lives. Take a deep breath, leave what you know at the door, and step into the mysteries.

Spiritual Armor

grit & grace podcast Jul 15, 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by negative energy or unexplained disturbances?

Tahverlee brings us the juice on spiritual and psychic protection for empaths and anyone encountering negative energies. She demystifies the common misconceptions about spiritual harm, offers four pivotal steps to safeguarding your energy field, and emphasizes daily practices to maintain your spiritual hygiene.

Gain valuable advice on maintaining your energy hygiene, knowing your vulnerabilities, and healing unprocessed traumas. Whether you believe you're under a curse or are just seeking ways to navigate chaotic energy, Tahverlee's wisdom provides actionable techniques and reassurances to keep your spirit fortified and your energy intact.

Finding Magic in the Mundane

grit & grace podcast Jul 01, 2024

Is your spiritual high blocking your growth?

Tahverlee delves into the concept of "spiritual addiction," where the thrill of mystical experiences can hinder personal growth if not properly integrated into daily life. She provides actionable tips and tools to help listeners balance their spiritual highs with their human experiences, emphasizing the importance of bringing magic into the mundane.

Learn how to recognize and break free from this trap to unlock your next level of spiritual evolution. Tahverlee's insights are both profound and practical. They guide you to merge the magical with the every day, ensuring your spiritual journey continues flourishing.

Quest for Magic: Practices for Spiritual Awakening

grit & grace podcast Jun 17, 2024

If you feel confined by society’s labels and expectations, tune in as Tahverlee shares powerful methods for embracing your inner magic and power. Her guidance will help you break free from constraints, liberate yourself from past versions of your identity, and tap into your psychic and spiritual gifts to manifest positive change in your life and the lives of others.

Tahverlee outlines three transformative steps: releasing limiting beliefs, envisioning possibilities beyond current limitations, and integrating magic into your daily life. By sharing her personal struggles and experiences, she inspires you to elevate your frequency, find good in every situation, and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Navigating Family Dynamics

grit & grace podcast Jun 03, 2024

Ever felt like family dynamics pull you back to an old version of yourself? Let’s explore the intricate relationship between spiritual growth and family dynamics.

Our reactions to family members can act as a powerful mirror, reflecting our progress and areas that need work. Today, Tahverlee outlines practical steps to navigate these challenging interactions, offering advice on setting boundaries, practicing forgiveness, and embracing personal evolution.

Discover how to balance your spiritual journey with familial bonds and learn to infuse love and boundaries into your relationships for transformative change.

Beyond Being Lucky

grit & grace podcast May 20, 2024

Ever wondered how you can attract more luck and blessings into your life?

Tahverlee delves into the idea of conjuring up our own luck and blessings instead of just waiting around for them to fall into our laps. She urges us to step up and claim responsibility for our wins and those lucky breaks we stumble upon and shares a personal epiphany that flips the script from feeling lucky to realizing she's the mastermind behind the good stuff in her life.

By looking at relationships, accomplishments, and mystical practices from this fresh angle, Tahverlee offers a roadmap to sync up better with what we truly want, thus dialing up our "luck" factor. It's all about taking a hands-on approach to life, where being thankful and recognizing our power sets the stage for a whole lot of abundance.

The Power of Past Lives

grit & grace podcast May 06, 2024

Ever wondered about the mysteries hidden within your past lives?

Tahverlee delves into the enlightening world of the Akashic Records, where she explores the profound impact of past life experiences on our current lives. She shares her personal journey of discovering repeated patterns and how deep spiritual insights helped her make transformative changes.

Learn to access and understand life-long cycles to step into a journey of self-discovery and live a more fulfilled, aware existence.

Activate Your Psychic Gifts

grit & grace podcast Apr 22, 2024

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities lying dormant within you?

Unpack the mystery behind sensory prompts that connect you with the spiritual realm. From peripheral vision movements and unexpected whiffs of scent to sudden vivid dreams and the sensation of knowing things before they happen, you’ll learn that these moments are more than mere coincidence.

It's time to embrace your psychic abilities and dive into the metaphysical realm. Tahverlee’s gentle guidance and encouragement will lead you to experience a transformed, spiritually attuned life.


Mastering Your Energetic Field

grit & grace podcast Apr 08, 2024

Get ready to understand the power of energy mastery and how it impacts your everyday life.

Tahverlee shares her personal experiences and rituals for manipulating her magnetic energy field to attract or repel attention in different situations. Through her captivating storytelling and practical guidance, she explores the intricacies of energy manipulation and offers actionable tips, such as mirror work and morning rituals, to help you align your energy with your desired experiences.

Explore the transformative potential of energy mastery and how it can shape our reality in mystical and enchanting ways.

Surrender, Trust, and Unforeseen Magic

grit & grace podcast Mar 25, 2024

Are you struggling to trust your psychic gifts and act on your intuitive hits?

In this soul-stirring episode, Tahverlee dives into the deep waters of psychic gifts and intuition, revealing how to trust and surrender to the unknown. Through her personal experience of following intuitive hits that led to unexpected outcomes, Tahverlee offers profound insights on embracing the mysteries, surrendering to the divine, and unlocking the transformative power of psychic gifts.

Whether you're new to exploring your intuition or seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, Tahverlee's wisdom will guide you to embrace the magic of trusting your psychic gifts.

Practical Ways to Develop Your Inner Magic

grit & grace podcast Mar 11, 2024

Tahverlee offers practical steps and delves into techniques for overcoming blocks, setting intentions, and honing psychic abilities through altered states of consciousness and dream work. Under her guidance, you'll gain the tools and knowledge to harness your innate gifts and navigate the spiritual realm confidently and clearly.

These transformative practices will awaken the hidden powers within you, whether you're a novice or already on a spiritual journey. Tahverlee's insightful tips offer a path to unlock the untapped potential of your psychic abilities, leading you to embrace the magic and mystery that awaits in your spiritual evolution.

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