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Beyond Being Lucky

grit & grace podcast May 20, 2024

Ever wondered how you can attract more luck and blessings into your life?

Tahverlee delves into the idea of conjuring up our own luck and blessings instead of just waiting around for them to fall into our laps. She urges us to step up and claim responsibility for our wins and those lucky breaks we stumble upon and shares a personal epiphany that flips the script from feeling lucky to realizing she's the mastermind behind the good stuff in her life.

By looking at relationships, accomplishments, and mystical practices from this fresh angle, Tahverlee offers a roadmap to sync up better with what we truly want, thus dialing up our "luck" factor. It's all about taking a hands-on approach to life, where being thankful and recognizing our power sets the stage for a whole lot of abundance.


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