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Facing Your Spiritual Blind Spots

grit & grace podcast Jan 01, 2024

Uncover and address your spiritual blind spots by exploring the 5 C’s - complaining, criticizing, concern, commiserating, and catastrophizing – and discover their impact on your spiritual growth.

Tahverlee navigates us through soulful ways to identify and address these blind spots, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and intentional energy management. Through practical tips and heartfelt guidance, she empowers us to create intentional shifts in our energy and mindset, paving the way for transformative growth and expanded spiritual awareness.

Discover how to recognize and address your blind spots while engaging in a shift toward gratitude, self-reflection, and intentional communication. Using these tools, Tahverlee teaches us to elevate our spiritual practice, access higher planes of wisdom, and harness the full potential of our spiritual gifts.


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