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Honoring the Sacred NO

grit & grace podcast Jun 28, 2021

Today, Tahverlee reflects on something that is not always easy but is essential; honoring the sacred NO.

We are very good at honoring the yes. Times when we plan things with friends and family that we are very excited about doing or when we are in a relationship that is in alignment. Those times when our bodies definitively tell us, yes. Listen to the latest episode of Grit & Grace Podcast with Tahverlee right here!

But what about when our body says no? The times when we are not sure how to determine what is a yes or a no? How do we tune in to our vibrational system and intuition to deeply know what our body is telling us?

Here's an easy exercise that might help. Close your eyes, take two slow, deep breaths, and ask the question out loud. Just by doing this short exercise, you have aligned yourself to listen deeper to your body. This exercise can help with the more minor decisions, but more significant decisions require more in-depth thought and ritual. It will take practice, but in time, you will be much more in tune with your body when it is telling you yes or no.

We feel the answer no in our bodies way more than we think we do, especially when it comes to relationships. But we don't always know how to honor it. Honoring the no doesn't always mean that you end the relationship; it might just mean that something isn't right and you have to change the way you interact with the situation.

We all grow, and sometimes, even good relationships can become out of alignment. Making a change can be complicated and scary, but you can let go without burning the ground behind you. Listen to your body when it says that something is no longer right for you and find sincere gratitude for those experiences. Hold space for the relationship and move on with love and empathy.


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