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Q&A With a Witch

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Do you have questions about being a Witch? At some point, we all do, and Tahverlee has heard them all! Here are the answers you have been waiting for to some of your most pressing questions.

Get the juice from Tahverlee on how to “see” in more color if your visions are typically just in black and white (spoiler alert; visualization is a very powerful way to improve your seer vision), what organic offerings you can take into nature to show your gratitude without causing unintentional harm, and how best should a new witch protect themself from things they don’t yet understand. 

Plus, some great advice for those of you new to the practice. Remember, everything you have and need is within you. Surrender to not knowing and to your own gifts in knowing. Have faith and trust that you will see what you need to know when the time is right on your spiritual journey.


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