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Honoring the Sacred No

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

How do you honor the Sacred No? It’s not always easy. Today, Tahverlee goes deep to bring us in alignment with what our bodies are telling us.

We are very good at honoring the yes. Times when we plan things with friends and family that we are very excited about doing or when we are in a relationship that is in alignment. Those times when our bodies definitively tell us, yes.

But what about when our body says no? The times when we are not sure how to determine what is a yes or a no? How do we tune in to our vibrational system and intuition to know what our body is telling us deeply?

We feel the answer No in our bodies much more than we think. Listen to your body. It takes practice, but in time, you will be much more in tune and learn to honor the Sacred No.


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