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Moon Cycle Rituals

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Everything that comes into our lives is a cycle. We are constantly creating, even if we are not doing it intentionally. What we are living is what we have already created.

What rituals should you add to your practice during the moon cycles to harness the power of what’s happening in the sky? First, release your expectations that moon cycle rituals must be done a certain way.

We are taught to craft our rituals to support our intentions, but we often forget to focus on how we want to feel with those intentions. Come back to yourself and know what you need at the moment. Go deep and allow the moon cycles to be times of clarity, reflection, and stillness.

You are the magic. Use the moon cycles to remind yourself of what you desire and what you are willing to do to create the life you want. Know your truth. That’s the essential way to harness the power of the moon.


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