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Wisdom from the Shadows

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

The great wheel of time is turning rapidly, taking us through deep transformation. Massive change is coming, and we need to know how to harness that energy vs. letting that energy harness us.

Tahverlee shares that there is divine purpose in what is being exposed to us now. Your outer world is a 100% reflection of your inner world; what you experience on the external mirrors what’s happening within.

The Wisdom from the Shadows is this: radical accountability. Significant growth is coming, and what’s bubbling up must be cleared to bring cleaner, more aligned, higher-vibrational energy to your life.

Tahverlee is a Social Impact Entrepreneur and Temple Keeper. Visit Moon Temple Mystery School for ancient teachings for our modern world, spiritual coaching, and everything you need to know as you walk your awakening path.


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