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High Priestess / High Priest

Taking you into the unseen worlds to experience the ancient mysteries.

Begin Your Soul Transformation

Step Into The Mysteries

This is pure Witch School that is only open for registration once per year and is a six-month journey followed by initiation. If enrollment is closed, get on the list for next year.

High Priest

Training Includes:

  • One full month of Alchemy class to take place before we enter the temple.
  • Six nights of rituals and six nights of temple space plus initiation, 60+ hours of transformation within 6 months.
  • Rituals will take place on the second Tuesday of the month from 5-8pm MST.
  • Temple Space (sacred circle + lecture) will take place on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 5-8pm MST. You will be invited to spend the rest of the week in Temple Space to explore the practices and tools provided to you.
  • Each month will include a specific area of study that will cover rituals, magic, mythology, working with the elements, lectures, and a guided journey.
  • Explore living as a High Priestess / Priest (witch) in a modern world.
  • Students should expect to spend an additional 4-5 hours per month on their practice outside of rituals and classes.
  • A personal initiation and two weeks of integration time with a support team of High Priestesses.

This six-month journey will take you to the highest levels of awakening. We'll open doors for you to explore the inner self and the power that exists within. You will walk this Path of ancient practices through embodiment and exploring the tools of magic. These practices will heal and shift your inner and outer world. You will step into a temple with the highest and most loving guides and guardians to guide you on your Path.

Witch School is not one particular path; it's a combination of learning how to navigate both the light and shadow side of body, mind, and spirit. It is a safe container to explore the practices of transformation, deep healing, and soul transformation.

All beings are invited to take this magical walk with us, regardless of gender, race, or lineage. The Path is not meant to be taken lightly and is instead a commitment to developing the best version of yourself and your soul's purpose.

At the end of the six months, you will have experienced a complete transformation.

We are excited to walk this path with you!

Schedule Dates

July 12th (5pm - 8pm MST) & July 26th (5pm - 8pm MST)

  • July 12th (5pm - 8pm MST) July 26th (5pm - 8pm MST)
  • August 9th (5pm - 8pm MST) August 23rd (5pm - 8pm MST)
  • September 13th (5pm - 8pm MST) September 27th (5pm - 8pm MST)
  • October 11th (5pm - 8pm MST) October 25th (5pm - 8pm MST)
  • November 8th (5pm - 8pm MST) November 22nd (5pm - 8pm MST)
  • December 13th (5pm - 8pm MST) December 27th (5pm - 8pm MST)

Initiation Dates

January 2023 (Dates TBD) _

*NOTE: All classes will be live and will be recorded if any priest or priestess has to miss a class. Please note, for the privacy of participants, only the lectures and rituals will be recorded. If you cannot attend any of the dates, options for scheduling your class one-on-one with Tahverlee will be offered as an alternative. All classes must be completed to participate in initiation which will be scheduled in advance.

Tahverlee, Temple Keeper


Tahverlee, Temple Keeper

Tahverlee, Temple Keeper, High Priestess, Initiate of Making Magic, certified Alchemy instructor, Priestess of the Dark and Celtic Mysteries, Initiate of the Eleusinian rites, is committed to leading others through the tunnel of transformation. Tahverlee holds space unconditionally as a fierce seeker of truth. A warrior and wise crone. She comingles light and dark in her teachings and cuts through limiting beliefs to ignite spiritual growth.

Your Investment

One time payment of $3,984, 6 monthly payments of $699 each, or 12 monthly payments of $415 each.

(Please note, you may join initiation but your name will not be assigned until all payments have been made.)

$3984 One-Time

20% Discount


For 6 Months


For 12 Months

*Please note, there are no refunds or cancellations. Once you're in - you are IN!

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