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The Sacred Wheel

Awaken the healer within and activate your spiritual gifts

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Learn how to apply them to yourself and others as the healer you already are.

Activate Your Spiritual Gifts

Learn to use the spiritual gifts that are already inside you to awaken your magic as a healer. This twelve-month, open-enrollment journey is for you if you know the power of your own transformation and have a soul-level calling to be of service and help others on their awakening path.

Our entire experience in this lifetime is a series of cycles. We continue around the great wheel of time on a daily basis. There is magic when we use the wheel to chart healing energies and tools and apply them to forecasting and creating what we desire.

Each wheel we cast holds the medicine we need for the current moment and also for the future when we need a reminder or a tool to navigate how our gifts are developing.

The Sacred Wheel is a journey of charting your own abilities at working with tools, elements, magical practices and energy as templates for your own life and those you desire to enlighten on their journey.

This sacred journey is for anyone called to use their gifts for healing. We will create a new medicine wheel each month for you to deepen your spiritual gifts and learn how to apply them to be of service to yourself and others. Tahverlee, along with guest teachers (shamans & masters), will lead you through 12 modalities that will be charted on wheels to create your own healer's journey.

24+ hours of teaching, 12+ hours of dialogue, 12 practices to implement, and practicum hours for development between each class.

Regardless of where you are in your journey now, you are welcome here. Start anytime, as each month will cover a modality that will be layered in as you go.

Course includes:

Energy mastery, elemental magic, embodiment and movement, sound and vibration, the healing power of crystals, breathwork, Reiki, plants and herbal medicine, the wheel of emotion, seasonal magic, divination, creating sacred space and so much more!

We will apply these learnings within the wheel of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical (the medicine wheel). Each month a new modality will be covered and charted, which means you can begin anytime as the classes will roll with the great wheel of time, and there is no particular order to how you embrace the teachings. Once twelve are completed, you will enter into temple with Tahverlee for a 1:1 session to complete the journey (open completion) and receive your certificate of completion of the healer’s journey.

All humans that are called to walk with us on this journey are welcome, regardless of race, lineage, or gender.

One year from now, your life will hardly be recognizable as deep transformational work up levels every aspect of your life.

The Magic is ready to be ignited ~ Start now ~ Your transformation awaits

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