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What is High Magic?

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

High Magic is the most powerful birthplace of what’s possible and where your deepest desire to have everything that lights you up begins.

What is High Magic? It is working with complex rituals, ceremonies, and spirits from altered states of consciousness to see beyond the veil. It is a switch to help create massive change and kickstart a cycle of transformation in your life.

Join Tahverlee for exclusive High Magic Immersions in 2023. Explore your deepest desires; anything is possible when working with Magic, the elements, spiritual planes, and energy. Travel deep into the ethers to create and birth your BEST year yet. Say a holy YES to true transformation!

Learn more about High Magic Immersions and submit your application today.

Listen to Grit & Grace Episode #183, Living an Intentional Life.


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