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High Magic Immersions

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High Magic Immersions

It's finally here ~ High Magic Immersions weekends in person with me! Space is limited; each Immersions is open to 3-5 participants only. The Immersions will take place on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

We will chart your path together; Immersions are curated to your deepest desires and intentions. You will experience transformational magic first-hand that will alter the course of your life. We will work together to identify your highest potential and weave magic beyond your wildest dreams to bring it into your human reality.

High Magic Immersions is for you if you are serious about your desires and know that anything is possible when working with magic, elements, spiritual planes, and energy. We are going deep into the ethers to create and birth your BEST year yet.

What is High Magic? It is working with complex rituals and ceremonies and spirits from altered states of consciousness to see beyond the veil and create life on your terms. It is deep work that I will facilitate and implement alongside you.

High Magic Immersion Tahverlee

If you know me, you know I walk with many spirit allies, including past witches, who come through my body during ceremonial rituals to support you and your highest good. Be prepared to be seen and witnessed by the spirit world and held so deeply that you feel welcomed to a whole new way of experiencing life.

What the weekend includes:

  • Opening rituals to bring shadows to light to remove barriers and open the vibrational flow
  • Two journeys to the other side of the veil for clarity and precision of intentions
  • Wheel Casting (monthly intentions for the next 12 months)
  • Ceremony to birth intentions - this is High Magic conducted individually under the shroud of night. You will join in creating the lowering of the veil
  • Integration and custom rituals to take home and use daily to sustain the changes that will unfold in your life
  • An ancient scroll containing your specific intentions, sealed in blood

The cost includes room (couples can attend and share a room – contact me for more info), meals, ceremonies, and rituals (including all the tools and supplies), and custom plans for integration. All you need to do is book your flight and transportation; the spirit world and I will take care of the rest.

Arrive anytime on Thursday or before noon on Friday. If you wish to extend your stay and enjoy the Outer Banks, I suggest AirBnB for additional accommodations. Norfolk, Virginia, is the closest airport. You can rent a vehicle for the approximately three-hour drive to the island (I can also provide the contact information for a local taxi/shuttle service).

There are a limited number of Immersions weekends planned (private retreats available upon request). Come alone and meet new brothers and sisters or call your friends and make it a group event. To apply, please complete the short submission form and pay a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot (space is limited).

Due to the nature of the rituals and ceremony, all activities will be held in the strictest confidence to protect everyone’s privacy. We walk among many who have yet to experience magic and will also respect their path. We will create protected space and only work within the confines of sacred spaces to honor the lands and the secrecy of our work.

The Magic is ready to be ignited ~ Start now ~ Your transformation awaits

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