Death is the Greatest Expression of Love

grit & grace podcast Sep 06, 2021

Today, Tahverlee is joined by Shannon Danielle. Shannon is gifted with the ability to communicate with Spirit, including Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Life Guidance, Spiritual Growth, and ever-changing limitless moments, affirming that love is the foundation of all. 

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Connect To Your Spirit Guides

grit & grace podcast Aug 23, 2021

 Today, Tahverlee reflects on your spirit allies and how they are always with you to help you connect with your spiritual gifts. You need to invite your spirit guides in; use your words, breath, and air magic to permit them to become central in your life. Navigating these worlds with your spirit ally team is the big ticket! It is the way to communicate with spirit, see beyond the veil, and learn magical practices.  

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Blue Moon Rising

astrology forecast Aug 21, 2021

Full moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

The full moon appears on Sunday, August 22 at 8:02 am ET.

The full moon is called a Blue Moon because it’s the second full moon within a month. It’s quite interesting because this is the 2nd Leo Sun/Aquarius Full Moon in August. Leo is the heart, and Aquarius represents the group initiation. Perhaps, we are learning how to express our heart’s truth as an individual or on a group level. Either way, it’s important because the language of the heart brings both light and truth.

Manifestation is the key note of the chart, and there are aspects that block and support it. There are eight trines, which are very positive. (Think of the triangle and how it represents harmony.)  Four oppositions are in the chart, which can cause the experience of floating between two opposing desires or beliefs. (Oppositions are 180 degrees apart – think of left and right or...

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Lionsgate Portal Activation with Katarina

grit & grace podcast Aug 07, 2021

The Lionsgate Portal is a powerful period to shift timelines and make huge shifts in your transformation.  For this activation, it is recommended that you add a grounding crystal at your feet while listening.  Sky Goddesses and Hathor will be entering into the energy field for this activation.  Whatever is stirring within you; ancient magic, deep hidden desires, mystical callings – will all be present for you today.

Katarina Heuser is a gifted teacher and channel.  She offers one-on-one sessions, healings and courses to help you discover your soul gifts and thrive.  You can find her here teaching the Light Codes & Keys to Higher Living class or you can visit to reach her directly and let her know you found her on Grit & Grace.

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The Lion’s Gate 2021

astrology forecast Aug 06, 2021

Blog by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

Think of the Lion’s Gate as a cosmic blast of solar light. The Lion’s Gate symbolizes the annual height of  solar energy, emanated by the astrological sign of Leo. It refers to a process of purifying the fabric of our consciousness and recreating ourselves with a higher light level. It’s a quick process because the Lion’s Gate is open between August 8 and August 12—although the energy will linger for a week or more.

The Lion’s Gate occurs during “Dog Days” or when the dog star, Sirius, precedes the sun on the horizon. The Great Pyramid of Cheops was built to align with the rise of Sirius to mark the importance of  a time of rebirth—an opportunity to move more deeply  into our divine blueprint and resurrect the True Self.  As a result, the solar year began on July 23 with the motion of the Sun into Leo (solar) energy, and the celebration of...

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New Moon, Powerful but Odd Energy

astrology forecast Aug 06, 2021

New moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

The New Moon appears on August 8 at 9:50 am. It marks the Lion’s Gate, a time of receiving solar energy and fire. Typically, the New Moon is a quiet time for inner reflection. This month, the New Moon exerts pressure, encourages change, and asks for a clear look at our present and future.

It’s a challenging chart with a wide range of energies. There are creative, fiery energies and opportunities to succeed in outer life. Limitations in relationships and self-esteem also present themselves as well as healing energies. It’s up to us to read and respond to the energy as best we can. (Many planets aspect Uranus, which can cause disruption with electronics.)

Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in Leo, which brings beautiful and intensely creative energy. Leo rules the heart; it is symbolized by the lion. It enhances confidence and power. It aids with acting on our deeper desires and...

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Full Moon Forecast, A Dance of Opposites

astrology forecast Jul 22, 2021

Full moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

In the beauty of verdant summer, the planets send mixed messages. One moment, we’re connected, and the next we’re not. It’s called oscillation, and, at this point, it’s caused by oppositions with several planets. (Our emotions literally go from high to low.)

Oscillation occurs naturally on the spiritual path—often without planetary influence. The lesson is about learning to center in the heart space and/or finding the inner self. In this place, the emotions and tilt of the mind disappear as we reconnect with the divine. And there are also wonderful influences that aid with this connection.

The Full Moon appears on July 23 at 10:37 pm. The Full Moon heightens emotion, intensity, and energy. In the garden, it brings fruition and germination, which occurs before the waning cycle. Moon is placed in Aquarius, the sign of electronics, New Age, and humanitarian...

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Sovereignty Activation with Katarina

grit & grace podcast Jul 12, 2021

During this Activation, the energies will align for you with; diamond light codes, codes, fire letters, sacred tools you have used in the past that are now relevant to you again, and twin flame connections. New teams of guides will join you on this journey to gently hold your hand and allow these energies to sink deeply into your body.

Katarina Heuser is a gifted teacher and channel. She offers one-on-one sessions, healings, and courses to help you discover your soul gifts and thrive. She teaches the Light Codes & Keys to Higher Living, and you can visit to reach her directly and let her know you found her on Moon Temple Mystery School and heard her on Grit & Grace Podcast. Listen right here:

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July New Moon

astrology forecast Jul 08, 2021

New moon forecast by Julia Griffin, intuitive healer, and owner of One True Self.

July’s New Moon comes on July 9 at 9:16 pm, and it brings fruitfulness with the motion of flowing trees, blue lakes, and bright, green mountains. With Sun and Moon in Cancer, a fertile water sign, it is the time to dream of harvests—the fruit of the soul and reward of personal effort. The New Moon is the time for planning for the ensuing 28-day moon cycle, releasing what is not needed, and briefly connecting with the unseen world to find direction. Sun and Moon sit in Cancer, the feminine water sign ruling the home, emotions, and the sea.

While summer lingers, there is a sensation of returning to the old life, but the planets denote a change. Amidst the summer retrograde of outer planets, five planets–Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter–and two asteroids (Vesta and Ceres) will soon move into different signs. According to astrologer Mark Borax, it “is about...

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Honoring the Sacred NO

grit & grace podcast Jun 28, 2021

Today, Tahverlee reflects on something that is not always easy but is essential; honoring the sacred NO.

We are very good at honoring the yes. Times when we plan things with friends and family that we are very excited about doing or when we are in a relationship that is in alignment. Those times when our bodies definitively tell us, yes. Listen to the latest episode of Grit & Grace Podcast with Tahverlee right here!

But what about when our body says no? The times when we are not sure how to determine what is a yes or a no? How do we tune in to our vibrational system and intuition to deeply know what our body is telling us?

Here's an easy exercise that might help. Close your eyes, take two slow, deep breaths, and ask the question out loud. Just by doing this short exercise, you have aligned yourself to listen deeper to your body. This exercise can help with the more minor decisions, but more significant decisions require more in-depth thought and ritual. It will take...

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