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Grit & Grace Podcast

Join Tahverlee for deep soul-level conversations about spirituality and what lies on the other side of the veil. As a high priestess and ritualist, Tahverlee shines a light on walking the awakening path of inner knowing and how it weaves into our daily lives. Take a deep breath, leave what you know at the door, and step into the mysteries.

Spiritual Cord Cutting

grit & grace podcast Jul 17, 2023

Cord cutting is very trendy on social media and can be a powerful tool for releasing unhealthy attachments and starting fresh. But true cord cutting requires you to go deeper than just burning a string between two candles. It's your intention and energy that truly matter.

Before undertaking any cord-cutting ritual, you must do the human work first. Block the phone calls, terminate the relationship, speak your truth. No magical spell or property will supersede what you need to do on the human level to protect yourself.

Get the juice on what to do if you need to press the spiritual reset button and rebuild relationships from scratch or completely cut that cord and move on.

Spiritual Protection

grit & grace podcast Jul 03, 2023

Let’s talk protection . . . spiritual protection. Why do we need it? Why is it so commonly asked for? And why is it so important to do the human work first?

Spiritual protection starts with your own energy. Be very clear about what you need protection from and why. Because here’s a little secret, what we need protection from most of the time is ourselves, from our own minds and inability to speak our truth and let our desires be known.

Tahverlee dives deep into how to determine what type of spiritual protection you need and gives us practical tools and tips to implement right now to bring more protection into our lives.

Unlock the Power of Spellcasting

grit & grace podcast Jun 19, 2023

Want to bring more magic into your life? Today we talk all things spellcasting.

Spellcasting isn’t just a witch thing. It’s a deeply personal practice that anyone can use to influence events and bring about change. Casting a spell harnesses energy toward your specific goals to create reality on your terms.

Tahverlee brings us the juice on five foundational practices that will uplevel your spellcasting practice and help manifest the life you desire.

Ready to step into your power as a spellcaster? Join us for the Spellcasting 101 Workshop on July 10, 2023.

Deep Into the Shadows

grit & grace podcast Jun 05, 2023

Join this powerful discussion about what’s possible when you go deep into the shadows. Tahverlee welcomes back her dear sister, Dark Mother, High Priestess, and spiritual master, Mishi.

Tahverlee and Mishi delve into the transformative teaching of Ritual Mastery and how it helps us face our shadows and become more self-aware. Ritual Mastery is self-mastery. It’s a deep knowing of yourself, what makes you tick, and what triggers you.

Following the path of the Ritual Master means acknowledging and befriending our darker aspects, getting to know our shadows, and learning to use them to our advantage. The better we get to know our darkness and shadows, the better person we become.

You can learn more about Mishi on her website at CoCo Coquette Denver, on Facebook, or on Instagram at @coco_coquette_denver.

Home Soul Alignment

grit & grace podcast May 22, 2023

Nixie Marie’s goal is to help you create a home that supports your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. She is a Feng Shui Expert and Co-Founder of CLARYTI, a Zero Waste Eco-Friendly cleaning product line.

Feng Shui is much more than just moving furniture around. At its core, Fung Shui is the ability to align yourself and your space with nature’s harmonious cycles of earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. Nixie uses the “map of the home soul” to align the core values of our human existence into our home.

Nixie gives us the juice on how to harmonize the energies of our home so we can reclaim our sovereignty and thrive in all areas of our life.

Learn more about Nixie Mare on her website, High Vibe Home, listen to her top-rated podcast, and follow her on Instagram at @nixie_marie.

The Witching Hour; Spells vs. Rituals

grit & grace podcast May 08, 2023

Join Tahverlee for this powerful discussion on creating spells and the difference between a spell and a ritual. During The Witching Hour, you’ll learn how to petition the universe and work with current cycles (moon, season, weather) to create anything you desire.

Take a deep dive into the work you must do before performing any spell, ritual, or ceremony. Overcoming your limiting beliefs and not allowing your subconscious to rule your life is key to bringing forth the intentions you set.

Snake Medicine

grit & grace podcast Apr 24, 2023

The serpent is one of the oldest symbols that represents transformation, strength, willingness to change, spirit. It’s the ancient transfiguration between light and dark.

How the serpent shows up in your life can activate the medicine that comes from the spirit of the snake. When there is big energy like we are experiencing right now, we can call in and work with the snake to shed our own skin and allow rebirth to occur.

Serpent medicine is raw, power, and truth. Trust, have faith, and ask the serpent to show you what you need to know to follow the path of true transformation, embrace the mysteries, and let your spiritual gifts come fully online.

Past Life Truths

grit & grace podcast Apr 10, 2023

Akashic Records, our soul code, is the most exciting mystery of this path we walk. The learning opportunities from knowing our past lives and how we carry them forward in this lifetime is a fascinating topic.

Tahverlee shares the juice; learning your soul’s history is not just about knowing that information; it’s about how you use it. You are the only powerful creator in your life. You can take experiences from past lives and use them to create change in this present life.

Take your power back and clear generations of trauma by leaving the patterning behind and bringing the lessons forward. Use the lessons to heal, bring you the greatest joy, reach your highest level of vibration, and experience the full depths of it all in this lifetime with your eyes and hearts open.

When Boundaries are Crossed

grit & grace podcast Mar 27, 2023

When our soul is alive, and we cross the veil often, we don’t always get it right. We are meant to revel in this human existence and feel the full spectrum of emotions.

Today, Tahverlee shares tools to use when you don’t honor your truth and allow a deeper, darker, dense energy to come into your field. Have you let your own boundaries be crossed? And why? Why didn’t you honor the “no” that your body was feeling?

Use these tools, almost like a recipe card, when you find yourself in the swamp. This is big work. Take the learning lesson deep into your body. 2023 is the masterclass of life; finding gratitude in the learning is a key mindset to navigating challenges.

Discover Your Archetypes

grit & grace podcast Mar 13, 2023

What is an archetype? Why do we need to know which archetypes form our identity?

Tahverlee is joined by dear friends GG & Ephraim for this fascinating discussion about archetypes, what they are, how to identify them, and their vital role in our lives.

Our stories were written before we were born. We wrote them ourselves – and then promptly forgot them. As we bring these patterns and stories back into our awareness, we learn more deeply about ourselves and our greatest potential.

Are you ready to discover your archetypes? Journey with us and let GG & Ephraim guide you to find and embrace your archetypes, cast your chart of origin, and discover the counsel of your soul. This is powerful work and a guide you can utilize for the rest of your life.

Register for Archetypes HERE. The course starts April 4, 2023, but space is limited, so register today.

Follow GG on Instagram at @gg.ginagarris and Ephraim at @everydayecstasy.

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