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Grit & Grace Podcast

Join Tahverlee for deep soul-level conversations about spirituality and what lies on the other side of the veil. As a high priestess and ritualist, Tahverlee shines a light on walking the awakening path of inner knowing and how it weaves into our daily lives. Take a deep breath, leave what you know at the door, and step into the mysteries.

Q&A With a Witch

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Do you have questions about being a Witch? At some point, we all do, and Tahverlee has heard them all! Here are the answers you have been waiting for to some of your most pressing questions.

Get the juice from Tahverlee on how to “see” in more color if your visions are typically just in black and white (spoiler alert; visualization is a very powerful way to improve your seer vision), what organic offerings you can take into nature to show your gratitude without causing unintentional harm, and how best should a new witch protect themself from things they don’t yet understand. 

Plus, some great advice for those of you new to the practice. Remember, everything you have and need is within you. Surrender to not knowing and to your own gifts in knowing. Have faith and trust that you will see what you need to know when the time is right on your spiritual journey.

Nature is Medicine

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Meet GG. Nature is her divine mirror, and slowing down is the number one lesson she has learned from giving her life over to it. When you slow, listen, and really connect with all your senses, nature takes you to a whole new level of being.

We are all energy, all vibration, and we are always fluid and in motion, even in stillness. Noise from nature does not mean “noisy.” When we turn off the external noise, our senses expand, bringing a whole new level of calmness to our bodies.

There is something about the vibration of plants that shifts whether you are ingesting them in a tea, using them in sacred oil, or inhaling them as smoke magic. There are so many lessons we can learn from nature. It’s so gentle yet so potent.

Learn more about GG and her practice of working with sacred plants as a Bliss Coach here. Follow her on Instagram at @gg.ginagarris and on Facebook.

To Coven or Not

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Have you been wondering if a coven is right for you? To make this decision, you must be specific about why you seek a coven. Today, Tahverlee breaks down the two most common reasons we look for a circle or coven and the questions to ask yourself before you join one.

To coven or not is a deeply personal question and one that only you can answer. If you’re seeking knowledge, focus on finding a teacher or a mentor rather than a circle. If you are looking for community, a place to be yourself and truly belong, then search for a community in your own tradition that practices the same rituals and beliefs as you.

It is essential to understand why you seek a coven and what you hope to gain from it. Go deep and know this first before you decide to Coven or Not.

Live Your Truth

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Do you feel like you are here for more? Constantly feel burned out, frustrated, or simply not satisfied with your life? Meet Cara; she arms people with tools and courage to take aligned and intuitive action to manifest the life of their dreams.

After years of living a comfortable but unfulfilling life, Cara Kelley followed her strong intuition and left her stable life to jump into the abyss of her Truth. Since then, she has manifested her soul mate, become a mother, and created a thriving business helping others tap into their Truth to live the life they desire.

To Cara, nothing is more important than your inner guidance system – your Truth. If you’re tired of running on the hamster wheel of life, or you feel like you’re stuck in a funk, Cara will help you to find the answers within you so you can kick the hamster wheel to the curb and create a fulfilling life.

Protection 101

grit & grace podcast Feb 15, 2023

Here’s the juice on protection rituals . . . before you do any spiritual work or spells, you need to do the human work first. Speak your truth, declare your boundaries, and be fully sovereign as a human before you go into the spiritual world for protection.

In Protection 101, Tahverlee advises us to be very clear about what we need protection from and why. Because here’s a little secret, what we need protection from most of the time is ourselves. From our own minds and inability to speak our truth and let our desires be known.

It doesn’t matter how many rituals or spells you do; if you don’t do the human work first, you will not find the level of protection you seek.

Ritual Master

grit & grace podcast Apr 11, 2022

Walking the Path of the Warrior is not for the faint of heart; it is a deep dive into the shadows, both yours and the collective.

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A Festival of Feminine Power + Artistry

grit & grace podcast Mar 28, 2022

Join modern-day mystic, and expert in Inspired Living, Whitney Freya, for the Festival of Feminine Power & Artistry; a place for women to delight in their authentic selves through a scared painting practice.

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Do You Need to Cut Cords?

grit & grace podcast Mar 14, 2022

Some of the most frequent questions we hear as witches are about cutting cords. Deep level cord cutting is energetic and requires a powerful high priestess and ritual master to be effective.

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Behind The Scenes

grit & grace podcast Feb 28, 2022

Are you ready to bring your magic to the world? Get the juice on how Tahverlee operates behind the scenes and what to expect as you step fully into your power.

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12 Spiritual Truths

grit & grace podcast Feb 14, 2022

Knowing the 12 spiritual truths is essential because our spiritual journey revolves around these truths. Every tradition has a version of these truths in its philosophy. Today we examine the Herculean Myths in a spiritual context.

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