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The place for well-constructed, proven spells, rites, and rituals developed by me!

Hi! I'm Tahverlee, 


High Priestess, Ritualist, Initiate of the Sacred Way, Initiate of the Eleusinian Rites, and a practitioner of the Tenants of the Celtic Mysteries. I work hand-in-hand with a wise circle of fellow guides and carry the blood of Athenia in my veins.


And what you get when you open the door to the Spellbinders Club is my commitment to YOUR growth and excellence…well, actually, you get my commitment to my excellence to help you bring out your excellence (I can only bring you the right information…you have to take the action). 

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No more wasting hours scouring the net for a spell or a rite... almost everything you need is inside the Spellbinders Club (and I take requests!).

No more hoping you’re following the advice of someone who actually KNOWS and LIVES this work... and has for decades... rather than taking information who is just creating content for an algorithm.

No more feeling lost… especially when you’re in a pickle and need magical support ASAP.

The Beauty of the Spellbinders Club is that you can choose your level of interaction.

Shadow Witches


Explore the dark path of the shadows. Get rituals and a path to work the dark side of creating. Nothing is off the table here; you get to choose your level of comfort. The truest way of knowing about how others may use dark magic against you is to learn it for yourself - the greatest access to power is through knowledge. I'll share the secrets of the dark path here. This level includes Soul Seekers and Taste the Magic. Tons of content available at your fingertips to enhance your practice daily!

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Personal Activation


This is for personal activation so you can access some of your greatest strengths! You'll receive everything below PLUS a customized message once a month, Q&A with me in real time and customized journeys. I'm here for you! Included: I'll be posting live videos ONLY available here along with rituals, spells, and recipes to create movement, abundance and change. You'll also receive all the written content from all levels. You'll see my rituals and spell work in real time, along with channeled messages directly from the spirit world.

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Soul Seekers


This is the level of connection. I'll post live videos ONLY available here along with rituals, spells, and recipes to create movement, abundance and change. You'll also receive all the written content from all levels. You'll see my rituals and spell work in real-time, along with channeled messages directly from the spirit world.

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Taste the Magic

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Access to exclusive written content once a month that will include rituals, spells, or practices to support you. You can keep these for your own spell book for eternity. Using your insight and gifts, this level will provide you with weekly written inspiration to support you on your journey!

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Real Life Testimonials

Life changing experience.

I have so much appreciation for you. When things get tough in your fight to bring public awareness and acceptance to this beautiful realm of spirituality, I want you to know how much you’ve changed my life, as well as so many others. Your magic illuminates your purpose. Your tenacity to create impact and conviction in your life’s work is pretty extraordinary. You already know this, though, so this is just a friendly reminder of how badass you truly are. Much love.


Unveiling magic.

The High Priestess path with Moon Temple Mystery School has been a life-changing experience. I have learned so much in a short period and reached new heights of awareness and power I didn’t know existed in me! Tahverlee’s guidance and support along the way have been amazing. Magic does exist!!

~High Priestess Angerona

Empowering transformation.

Tahverlee has been an incredible mentor throughout my transformation. She brings a level of love, compassion, and understanding to her incredible knowledge base to create material that is digestible and relatable. She creates a safe place to be vulnerable and learn, which has been pivotal to helping me break through. I highly recommend Tahverlee and Moon Temple Mystery School and look forward to continuing my transformation in the High Priestess path.


Discover ancient spells, rituals, and rites that you need to reach your peak, to perform your best, to BE the witch you were born to be…


Inside the Spellbinders Club!


This is one of my favorite "haunts," if you will.

I get to pop in with powerful content that members say changes their lives.

And I can't wait to see you in there!


Much love,


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