A person who looks like an angel with angel wings representing a Lightworker or Guardian.

Our Story...

We are a body of initiates dedicated to preserve, protect and teach the ancient mysteries to anyone called to learn.

We are Guardians, Protectors, Lightworkers, Healers, Psychics, Record Keepers, Magicians, Warriors, Watchers and Witches gathered for sacred connection. We’re here to raise the vibration of our internal and external energy, and master its expanse.

Your “human” mind may not fully understand the language of the mysteries — or they wouldn’t be such mysteries. But listen to your soul. You’ll draw upon an undisclosed well of memory as you find your footing along this path of transformation.  

The Moon Temple Mystery School gives everyone the right to pursue the path of initiation. We open our doors to all who acknowledge both the light and the dark. We will meet you where you are, with guidance for your individual journey.

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Tahverlee, Founder

Our Temple Keeper

Tahverlee is a Priestess of the Wild, creating bold spaces to evolve our voices and consciousness. She walks with the blood of Athena in her veins, a conduit between the underworld and the cosmos, and she's here to guide your soul work.  

As a High Priestess, Ritualist, Initiate of the Sacred Way, Initiate of the Eleusinian Rites, and a practitioner of the Tenants of the Celtic Mysteries, she works hand-in-hand with a wise circle of fellow guides.

She bridges barriers to connect with spirits who have passed on, living with one foot in the otherworld, and one foot firmly rooted in mother nature. She holds others to the essence of their highest potential.

She is a business expert and spiritual leader, a social impact entrepreneur, podcast host, and an accomplished speaker — someone who pushes the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, woman, healer, and a witch.

Tahverlee holds space unconditionally as a fierce seeker of truth.  She is both the Temple Keeper and an avowed heathen. While holding the Sword of the Initiator, Tahverlee commingles light and darkness to cut through the bindings that limit our own beliefs. She is a trusted leader who puts us in touch with our truest self-expression and ignites our spiritual growth.

Mama to Joshua and Hannah, Tahverlee walks hand in paw with her healer wolf-pup, Hammer.

Open The Door.

The passion we live by, the commitments we make, the changes we desire — each compels us to look inwardly and explore ourselves more deeply. 

Imagine how the concept of a door represents a passage, an opportunity, a portal at the end of a long dark hallway. Sometimes it flies open upon our arrival. Sometimes it asks us to wait. But it’s always available to use if we so choose.  

This Temple is dedicated to the doors we pass through, the ones we close firmly, and the ones we use to access our own shadows. Our doors evolve and transform but forever represent our right to choose the path we walk.

This Door we refer to is a symbol that honors the self. After our 3000+ years of magical teaching, the Door and its passage remain a sacred choice that invites you to leave your limiting beliefs behind.

It's time for you to open the Door!

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"We have both grown and learned so much in this short timeframe and are so grateful for everything Tahverlee has helped us with. We now have a real understanding for what the future holds for us and our newfound gifts."

~ Amber Raschella

Awaken your inner mysteries!

The Moon Temple Mystery School will enable you to embrace both the light and the dark, investigate the connection between your body and soul, and discover the keys to your own heaven on Earth.


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